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holistic medicine & spiritual healing

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Support for:

Physical Illness, Injury & Pain
acute & chronic disease, degenerative disease, systemic imbalances (auto-immune, inflammatory patterns, oxidative stress, toxin overload / detox, mitochondrial health, methylation issues, neurotransmitter imbalances), healing from injury, and general poor health
Lack of Energy
chronic low energy & fatigue, general tiredness, or just difficulty getting started in the morning;  insufficient energy to heal and change, lack of direction & motivation in life, inability to 'get out of a rut';  invasive energies and draining energetic cords
all the lifestyle and behavioural patterns that contribute;  and the damaging physical effects
Issues with Learning, Development & Brain Function
memory & concentration problems, 'brain fog' and confusion, learning difficulties, co-ordination problems, social & mental development issues in children, hyperactivity & attention disorders, poor brain integration

Emotional & Psychological Issues
mood disorders, mental health issues, emotional blocks and difficulties, relationship problems, self-esteem & confidence issues, painful memories and lingering stress patterns from traumatic experiences, inner child issues
Limiting Fears
anxiety disorders, phobias, deep-seated subconscious fears and survival programs
Spiritual & Personal Empowerment Issues
blocks to self-empowerment;  inner conflict & confusion about directions, goals and desires;  loss of meaning & purpose in life;  self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage patterns which hinder your joyous growth;  fears about following your heart's desire & Soul purpose;  inability to access or trust your intuition and higher guidance
Aura Imbalances
stress patterns, imbalances & blocks within your energy field (light bodies, chakras, meridian channels, etc) that contribute to any of the above-listed issues


Healthy Body    Happy Mind    Full Heart

Holistic support with Natural Medicines, Essences & Nutrition
complemented by Vibrational & Spiritual Healing,
Self-empowering Activities and Practical Guidance

By addressing your health on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual,
every aspect of you is acknowledged and respected...
You are not simply viewed as a body or just a collection of moving parts,
but as a whole being, a wonderful soul having a creative physical experience

holistic medicine & spiritual healing

In-Person or Distant Support Available

Distant counseling, healing and reading are available via phone & skype sessions for interstate and international clients. Local clients can visit me in-person (in Blackwood, Victoria, Australia), or choose to have distant sessions for convenience and comfort.

As we are multi-dimensional beings, there is no limit to the
transference of information and healing energy across both distance & time.

Energy consciousness for healing and change is drawn from the universal source of Divine Grace, and can therefore be accessed by your system, no matter where you are in relation to me. My role is to support and enable you to align with and receive the patterns you need for your healing process. This applies equally whether we are working in-person or at a distance.

visit the Distant page for more info and FAQ about phone & skype sessions

Practical Gentle Change

All change involves healing & release on some level, whether it is intentional, or just happens naturally.
The work I do with you is all about creating change … in your physical health or emotional state, in your energy field, or in your current life circumstances.   My desire is to see you brimming with physical vitality and creating a life which makes your heart sing.

People often seek ‘therapy’ because there is a problem they want to address and, of course, I can help with that.   However, you may not have a physical illness, or even a clear emotional situation that you wish to work through.   You may want, instead, to create some change in your circumstances or bring a long-time dream to life, or simply to initiate positive changes in your lifestyle habits.
We can work together, for either health problems or life change, to help you release patterns which are holding you back, and shed light on the best ways for you to move forward into a life of greater joy and fulfilment.

Remember that you are a being of free will.   You are not a victim to your life circumstances, nor to your illness patterns.   The power to change and to heal lies with you.

My intention, in working with you, is not to ‘fix you’ nor to ‘fix your life’.   No-one can walk the path of your life but you.
My purpose is to support and empower you, as you heal your body & life, through physical nourishment, education, energy work, insight, and inner exploration, to create the changes you desire.

The best way to achieve this is by undertaking a gradual process of practical, gentle change.

Whether your goal is to heal from a chronic illness, change your career, or simply feel better about yourself, you will be most successful when you can see a practical and manageable way to move forward.   This isn’t always easy, especially at times when many parts of your life are calling for urgent improvement, or at times when you’ve experienced a major unexpected change and feel directionless.   The feeling of not knowing where to start can be so overwhelming that you feel fatigued just thinking about it.   This is where I can help you.
Together, we’ll create a plan for healing & change which suits your particular situation, takes into account all relevant influencing factors, and combines (as appropriate) natural medicines & nutrition, emotional support & counseling, energy healing, lifestyle changes, and self-management techniques.

I don’t believe it’s practical to try and ‘fix’ everything at once, nor can such radical change be sustained easily in the long term.
Whether you want to improve your body’s metabolic functions, change your diet & lifestyle habits, or develop a healthier way to relate to others, you need to allow each step toward improvement build on the foundation of those before it.
Trying to force your body-mind-spirit into changes it isn’t ready to integrate will only lead to physical or emotional overwhelm.   The body can react unexpectedly as it tries to maintain homeostasis in relation to sudden changes in external & internal conditions, and often your ‘inner me’ will also rebel against the feeling of being deprived of pleasures or security-based habits.   Both responses can derail your progress, leading to feelings of failure and loss of hope in the possibility of change.
This is why ‘quick-fix’ diets, fanatical exercise regimes, and enforced abstinence from habits, foods, people or situations, rarely help for long.   You need to have the mental & physical energy and resources to make conscious choices and willing changes all along the way if you are to heal successfully.

My approach is to help you set manageable goals for gradual and permanent improvement.  
As you move forward, in big or little steps, I’ll support you in revising your goals and directions according to your particular circumstances and readiness.

My attitude is unconditional.   I recognise that your life is a journey and you are always in charge of the directions you choose to take.
My role is to provide you with information, guidance, and options for treatment and change, based on my understanding and experience.   You are free to choose how to apply that information, and I will respect and support your choices.

holistic medicine & spiritual healing

A Whole-Health Approach

The physical body, mind and energy field are one complete unit.   Imbalance at any level affects the entire unit, and the most complete healing can be obtained by addressing all the relevant factors together, and the relationship between them.

Working with your entire system from a holistic perspective provides a multi-dimensional approach to your healthcare, which can be used to address any kind of illness or issue ... physical, emotional, mental or spiritual … both serious and minor.

Resolve chronic & recurrent illness

In some cases, a simple herb or nutritional supplement may be enough to clear a minor problem.
However, most of your physical pains, discomforts & illnesses are the result of long-term 'out-of-balance' patterns, which have finally pushed your body beyond its ability to maintain homeostasis.
Simple physical treatments are of great value in easing physical problems (tissue damage or dysfunction) or symptoms (pain, irritation or discomfort).   But, if the underlying imbalances and defeating lifestyle behaviours, beliefs or attitudes, aren’t returned to a healthy state, the same, or similar, illness may eventually recur.

Holistic Medicine addresses the deeper causes, while also gently easing the physical symptoms.

Increase your ‘heal-ability’ in the face of serious illness
While a physical treatment regime is crucial in supporting your body through serious illness, your beliefs & attitudes also have a huge influence on your ability to recover.
Research into the placebo effect has clearly shown that your beliefs have the power to affect your body's function.     By creating positive change of limiting beliefs and fears, in support of physical treatments, your ability to heal from the illness is strengthened.

Holistic Healing supports the release of limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, and increases the potential for recovery from serious illness.

Heal emotional pain, and improve mood & perceptions of life
Mental & emotional health are entirely dependant on healthy physical metabolic function and good nutritional status.   At the same time, energy field imbalance patterns & blocks, from emotional trauma & pain, inhibit your ability to experience life with joy, and find the clarity and motivation to achieve your goals and desires.   Your mood and perceptions influence every aspect of your life.   When you feel calm and uplifted, all of life becomes easier.
Holistic Medicine supports mental & emotional health on all levels, increasing the flow of life vitality, and allowing more complete resolution of emotional, mental & spiritual difficulties.

Change your life for the better
Your beliefs & attitudes affect every aspect of your life, including your physical health and relationships, the choices you make and the directions you take, as well as the nature of experiences you attract into your life.
Low self-esteem, feeling unworthy, believing life is a struggle, lacking confidence, feeling unlovable, fear of loss and even fear of fulfilment … all these kinds of perceptions, carried over from childhood and other past experiences, can prevent you from accepting the gifts that life has to offer, whether they be financial, emotional, practical or inspirational.
If you’re unable to make satisfactory progress in any area of your life, it’s worth exploring how your own beliefs about yourself and the world are influencing the situation.   When you know where your blocks are, you can take steps to change them, and free yourself up for success.

Through Intuitive Counseling and Spiritual Healing, deep-seated limiting beliefs, behaviours, and responses to life, can be identified, released, and replaced with new energy patterns which support the joyous, peaceful, abundant, loving life you desire to create for yourself.

Open your Heart to the Abundance of Life
Open your Mind to all the Wonderful Possibilities

Follow your Bliss


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