Picking Up Good Vibrations pt 2 Healing with Water

Healing with Water

Picking up Good Vibrations (part 2)

Healing with Water

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Continuing the discussion about water as a vibrational carrier, the second part of this article looks at how you can use this quality of water to improve your health and that of others, your life, and your general environment.

Water is a physical extension of the spiritual, and all water is sensitive to subtle energy vibrations.
Masaru Emoto refers to these as ‘hado’ and has used a radionics device to measure them in people. He also created a healing system in Japan, known as Hado Medicine, whereby the imbalanced vibration within a sick person’s body water is measured, and then a corrective vibration is transferred to water, called ‘hado water’, (effectively an essence). When the individual drinks this hado water, the disturbed vibration is corrected.
This process is the basic principle of essences, and vibrational medicine.

Both Hado Medicine and Essence Medicine, are based on vibration and resonance.
When the cellular vibrations in different parts of the body are disturbed, this can cause illness or imbalance patterns to begin, both on the physical levels or elsewhere in the auric field. When this situation occurs, a new harmonising vibration can be given to the disturbed areas, resonating with them and encouraging a balanced vibrational pattern to be restored.
Masaru Emoto found that a hado, or vibrational pattern, when recorded, has a wave shape of peaks and valleys. When the shape of a wave opposite to the original one (valleys for peaks and peaks for valleys) is used, the wave can be straightened. By overlaying an ‘unhealthy’ wave with another wave in this manner, its characteristics can be cancelled out.
Scientists have been using these principles for some time to quieten sound in specific spaces, creating pockets of silence by cancelling out sound waves with oppositional waves.

Your consciousness changes the resonance of water (both physical water in physical environments, as well as the spiritual or energetic flow).
Emoto acknowledges that humans are capable of feeling and sending hado (vibrations) without a machine and without water, and I totally agree with him.
We send and receive vibrational information all the time. In the same way that we see, hear, or taste with our physical senses, we are continually ‘reading’ the vibrational state of our inner & outer environment using sensory aspects of our energetic field, such as our energy sensitive chakras. We also send out vibrational ‘forms’ which other people, or environments, can experience.

Our vibration, or frequency, is influenced by our thoughts, by the words we speak, by the things we hear and see, by things we take into our bodies, and by the vibrations that we pick up from our environment. Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, health is directly affected by these things.
The use of a vibrational medicine, such as essences or hado water, simply serves to give us a regular focused dose of a specific vibration, with consistency, making it easier to shift long-term patterns. This is necessary because most of us humans are still learning and evolving on our path of energy management and just don’t have the focus to be so consistent, for so long, with simply a thought or the will. Having a bottle of something to take just makes it easier for us!
I do believe that our evolutionary path will eventually bring us to a state where we can throw the bottle away, and just do it with intention and will. However, we are here now, so let’s have a look at what we can do to make good use of this wonderful quality of water in our daily lives.

Thoughts & Words

Keep your thoughts positive and beautiful.
Each time you think a negative thought about yourself, or someone else, you influence both your own energy and theirs, in a negative way.

Keep your words encouraging and uplifting.
This sends ‘good vibrations’ into both yours and other’s people’s bodies.

Shift your perception of things into a positive gear.
Only allow yourself to be open to, and respond to, the positive energy in words and thoughts coming to you from outside. You can do this by ‘always looking at the bright side of life’ or ‘seeing the glass as half full’ and so on. It’s a choice to see the most positive aspect in any situation rather than enlarging the negative qualities of that situation (as we commonly tend to).

Look for something, within every situation, to be grateful for.
No matter how apparently horrible a situation may be, there will always be positives within it. I don’t mean simply thinking of something even worse that could have happened and being grateful that it didn’t (although even that’s better than nothing!) I mean actually finding a true positive, such as how the situation has strengthened you, or the positive qualities you developed because of it, or how a new friend became a true friend through the difficulty, and so on.

Send regular blessings of gratitude, and good wishes, to yourself, and to the bodies of your loved ones, your children, pets, plants, car, house, and anything else that could do with a pick me up.

Vibrational Medicine

Using a simple bottle or glass of water you can make your own vibrational essence to address a difficult situation, environment, illness or emotional imbalance, or to help shape your day in a positive way.
These home-made instant essences are not designed to be stored, but should be made as needed and used for the specific situation. (The essences, which you can purchase for long term use, have been prepared in a specific way so that the vibrations can be stored within the water for the long term and remain untainted by external energies. You can learn more in books about essences, if you’re interested.)

So, get your glass or bottle of water ready, and release any previous unbalanced vibrations from it by sending in blessings of love and gratitude.
You can send the vibration of these words into the water by speaking to the water or chanting the words. You can also write your words on paper and tape it to the side of the glass or bottle with the writing facing into the water. The longer the water experiences the input - written or spoken words, etc - the more it will be changed by the incoming vibration.
Identify the positive vibration that you want the water to carry into your body, or environment, or garden, or pet, or child, etc, and then speak those words into the water or write them down and tape them to it. Always include love and gratitude. It’s an extra bonus.

When deciding what vibration to put into the water, sometimes it is easier to know what you don’t want first. You can look at your present feelings, or the negative aspects of a situation, and then think of a phrase, or word, which is the direct opposite. The more specific you can be about identifying your feelings, or the situation, the more specific and appropriate will be the positive vibration you put into the water.
For example, you may be feeling generally unmotivated or unsatisfied with what you are achieving. You may simply create a general intention for greater motivation and organisation. Or you may explore this general feeling to try and identify it more specifically … Why are you unmotivated? Why can’t you get as much done as you’d like to? … After this review, you may be able to say that you actually feel tired and fatigued, and so can’t find sufficient energy for good motivation; or perhaps you realise that you can’t focus your thoughts (they’re all over the place) and so can’t use your time efficiently; or maybe you realise that what you’ve been trying to achieve isn’t something you truly believe in and so can’t really raise the energy and enthusiasm for it.
By exploring the reasons ‘why’, and then asking ‘why’ again to these new answers, you can continue to narrow down the ‘issue’ to something more and more specific.
You then create a positive outcome statement which is more defined and specific, such as, “My body has sufficient energy for all I need to do”, or “My mind is clear and focused. I am efficient and organised.”

When vibrational shifts occur within you, your external vibration also has to shift to maintain the balanced order of things.
In the example of being focused and organised, you may find that some distracting influences in your life just naturally fall away; or someone unexpectedly describes a particular system they use for organising their activities which resonates well with you and is easy for you to apply in your own life.

In all situations in life, essences or not, do not waste your time and energy trying to change your external world – your workplace, your children, the government, the neighbours, ‘the system’ – to fit your desires. You will always be fighting a frustrating, losing battle, because you have no right (and no power) to change others to suit you.
Instead, if you spend some time and energy making changes within your inner environment, your external world will naturally shift its vibration to accommodate your new energy. This will happen naturally and without effort, as you’re no longer trying to bend the will of everyone around you. This is the energetic reality of our life here.

You can use this process for others as well.
Your child may be sick with a virus. You can send thoughts and images into the child’s body, giving thanks for an efficient and powerful immune system, moving through the body and swiftly doing away with every last virus. You can see the body as strong and recovering quickly. And you can charge the child’s drinking water (and bath water, and food!) with these beautiful, positive and empowering vibrations.
You may have a sickly plant in the garden. Charge some water with positive thoughts and then water the plant with it. Do this even if the plant isn’t sick. When I landscaped my garden a few years ago, I took a lot of cuttings of a favorite groundcover to spread throughout the yard. For each cutting, I wrote a blessing with love and gratitude for the healthy, strong and fast growth of the cutting, becoming a beautiful plant prolific with flowers every spring. I rolled up each sheet of paper into a tube (words facing in), filled it with dirt and placed the cutting into it. Then I planted the tubes, with their blessed cuttings, all around the garden.

Once you open your mind to the principle of it, the possibilities are endless. And, you don’t have to use just your words.
You might want to have the vibration of a particular colour in your water, or an image which carries positive energies for you and reflects your desires. You may be feeling really attracted to a particular flower or herb or gem stone, or any other thing. A strong attraction to something generally suggests that you need it’s support in some way for your satisfaction and well-being.
Simply tape different things to your water bottle, or place them into a glass or jar which is positioned within a bowl or bucket of water. Be sure not to contact the water directly with any item likely to dissolve, or leach into it in any way, unless you are 100% sure it is safe to ingest internally.
You may be in love with a beautiful song which has uplifting music and positive lyrics. Play it to your water several times and then drink that. Even just listening to the music yourself will positively influence your body’s water.
Play around with these various possibilities and see what works for you.

In terms of physical illness, bear in mind that a minor cellular vibrational disturbance is much easier to correct than a disturbance which has been allowed to continue for a long period of time and has begun to affect an entire organ. This is how vibrational shifts and imbalances can eventually create physical disease. The same applies with long term emotional patterns, or attitudes and belief systems.
Being mindful of what kind of vibrations you are accepting into your energy, into your cells, and into your body, and using these concepts preventatively or correctively in the early stages, can help keep you free of chronic illness altogether, and unhindered by limiting-belief vibrations.
In many situations, you will need to regularly charge your water with the positive aspects of the desired outcomes, and use it repeatedly over an extended period of time.

Environmental Healing

The air all around you, in every room of your house, your street, your workplace, contains water particles and carries vibrations. When you breathe it in, you also bring in the vibrational patterns that it carries.
This means that you can also improve your health & life by positively charging your environment, especially areas where you spend a lot of time, such as your home.
You can charge some water with your positive intentions and then use it in your oil burner; or put it in a spray bottle and spray it around the house at intervals; or use it to fill other open containers which will gradually evaporate into the air, such as a vase of flowers.
You could also make an intentional spray to use in your car. You could charge it with gratitude for a safe and smooth drive, and so on.

As well as charging water for your home, think about what you’re bringing into your environment. Words and thoughts which come into your home via visitors, from radio & TV dialogue, songs, books, photographs, etc, all influence the environment. It makes sense to choose positive, uplifting TV shows or music to listen to, rather than bringing in degrading, violent and aggressive subject matter. Even a documentary about war, which you may judge as acceptable, intellectually, because it is trying to promote peace through showing how tragic war is, will still bring the horror energy into your body and environment.

Denise Lynn, in her book “Sacred Space” describes a situation when she was called in to balance a home where the greatest concern was a division between a couple and their son. His personality seemed to have changed from being friendly and open with his parents, to being distant, aloof, secretive, and uncommunicative, in a very short period of time. It turned out that an ‘artistic’ photograph the mother had taken of the son, which she had framed and hung in the house, was creating a vibrational influence on the family dynamic. The photograph was in black & white, had shadows and areas of darkness around the boy’s face. He looked away from the camera and his expression was moody and dark. It was an intellectually ‘beautiful’ image with lovely composition and tones, but the subject matter promoted an energy which was opposed the kind of relationship the parents wanted to have with their son.

It may seem a bit ‘uncool’ to only watch nice movies with happy endings, and have only pretty pictures on the walls, but the reality is that everything you bring into your life brings an energy with it. If you want to have some power over your life, be conscious about what kind of energies you are bringing in and decide, consciously, whether you want them or not.
I’m not suggesting you throw out your entire DVD collection and half the library. I’m simply suggesting that you acknowledge the energetic relationship you have with your environment. Live with your eyes open, so to speak.

Another experiment Masaru Emoto performed showed our ability to affect the natural environment through positive input into water.
At Fujiwarra Dam, in Japan, a Shinto priest repeated a healing incantation to the water in the dam for an hour. Aside from the fact that witnesses could see the water becoming clearer before their eyes, photographs of the crystals, from samples of the lake water taken before, during and after the process, show the steady improvement in the health of the water.

You can influence the entire planet (and everyone living here), in a positive way, by sending blessings of love and gratitude to the oceans and rivers and rain clouds. Often, when I’m walking my doggies on the beach, I’ll send blessings into the ocean and visualise them travelling on the currents, spreading to distant shores, and their positive impact reaching people all over the world.

Food & Water

In the same way that drinking charged essence water can shift your body’s vibrations positively, the vibrational information carried by your food and drinking water also affects you.
What kind of information is it carrying? Is it positive or harmful?

You’ve all probably acknowledged the concept that food prepared with love is much more delicious and good for you than food prepared in bitterness. Now you know why.
When you prepare food, bless it with good wishes for those who will eat it (including yourself). You will help to increase the energetic balance of the food as well as the nutritional value it will provide. The old practice of giving thanks before eating a meal is well worth reviving.
Blessing food with gratitude empowers it to have a positive impact on your body, and clears negative information that the food may be carrying. Whether you’re eating a meal at home, or in a restaurant, or having a sandwich at work, bless the food with gratitude and positive intentions before you take it into your body.

This same practice applies to anything you drink, whether it be water or beer or a soft drink, and also to any medicines you take.
I carry around a refillable bottle of water and, on it, I have a label which expresses my love and gratitude for the gift of water and affirms the wonderful health and positive vibrations that that water will give to my body and to anyone else who receives it. All the water I drink is exposed to this affirmation. I also have similar labels on other bottles & food containers.

In my daily meditation space, I take a few minutes to send love and gratitude to all the food & drink stored in my house (in the fridge, in cupboards, etc). I also send intentions for maintenance of the highest nutritional content and vibrational balance possible. This is especially important for those food items, like tinned food or bulk bags of flour and rice, which are stored at the back of cupboards for long periods and often forgotten about, because it will help to maintain their life force and nutritional value.
I also do this daily blessing for all the herbs, essences, nutritional supplements, ointments, and other things in my clinic dispensary, which I prescribe for clients. I believe it keeps them as pure and potent as they can be, and (if I may be so bold as to say this) some items are probably more balanced and potent than they were when I first bought them from the mass producing, not-much-love, suppliers.

Masaru Emoto describes his own daily routine as this:
He has a glass of water by his bed and, when he wakes up in the morning, he says thank you to it and asks to have a nice day. Then he drinks half of the water. Following that, he affirms that everything in the day has gone well, will go well, and is going well, and he drinks the remaining water.
When he goes to the toilet, he says thank you to the flushing water. He feels gratitude when he takes a shower (which contains chlorine and is not good for our energy). He sends love and gratitude to the water, and also suggests that you can tape words such as ‘thank you’ and ‘love and gratitude’ on the walls of the shower room to improve the energy of the water.
He blesses his breakfast meal by being grateful for the beautiful nutrition. He takes his time with eating, chews the food well and enjoys the rich experience of eating delicious food. At the end of breakfast, he gives thanks and acknowledges his enjoyment of the meal.
This kind of thing goes on through the day, on the journey to work, and at work. There is a constant acknowledgement of the positives and giving thanks for them.

Hado Value of some Foods

Using the ‘hado machine’, Masaru Emoto measured the energy value of certain foods in relation to their ability to raise immunity, to combat the effects of stress, and to combat the effects of depression. Bear in mind that the value of these foods may change according to the way that they’ve been produced and the process that they’ve gone through in reaching the hands of the researchers, in comparison to the same foods in your country, but this will give you a bit of an idea of how the energy of different foods changes their effect on us.

In general, all the vegetables they tested scored fairly high in relation to all three measures (immunity, anti-stress, anti-depression).
Raw spinach scored extremely high for immunity and stress reduction but low for anti-depressive qualities. However, boiled spinach scored very high for anti-depressive qualities but quite low for immune and anti-stress. This is a good example of how processing & preparation can change the vibrational qualities of a food.
Garlic also scored extremely high for immunity and anti-stress but low for anti-depressive qualities.
Traditionally, Garlic is used by herbalists as an antibiotic and immune-booster, so it is very interesting to see that its vibration also supports its biochemical role.
In all categories, seaweed scored very high, and mushrooms and carrots both scored fairly high. Peas scored fairly high for immunity, but went down into the negative values for anti-depressive qualities. Figs scored extremely high for all categories. In fact all the fruits which were tested scored quite high (including figs, prunes, kiwi fruit, and cumquats).
Nuts and seeds all scored fairly high, especially walnut, sesame seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seeds, and pine nuts.
The local chickens (there is no reference to farming methods) scored reasonably well in the immunity and anti-stress categories.

They also tested and compared preparation methods for a hamburger.
It was found that a home-made hamburger had a far greater value than a ready-made microwavable hamburger. Normal pan-grilling of a burger had about twice the value of microwave cooking the burger at the normal length of time. Microwave cooking in excess of the normal time took the value down even further, into the minus range.
The difference between normal microwave time and excess microwave time was only about one to three minutes. This goes to show how careful you need to be when using microwaves to prepare your food. Obviously, you’re better off avoiding it altogether, if possible.
Emoto found that the love & gratitude vibration gave water some immunity from microwave damage so, if you’re going to microwave, send blessings of love & gratitude into the food before, and after, putting it in the microwave.

Loving Words versus Frustration & Anger

A hamburger prepared with loving words had a value of +16, while a hamburger prepared with angry words had a value of – 6. That is a huge difference!
For loving words, they used phrases such as ‘looks delicious’, ‘smells good’, ‘can't wait to eat with everyone else’, and for the angry words they used ‘I’m frustrated’, ‘I’m tired’, and ‘why do I have to make such a troublesome dish when I don't have time’.
This example shows how great an impact your thoughts and feelings have during food preparation. When you come home after a hard day at work and start to prepare dinner, how are you feeling? What energy are you flavouring the meal with? What are you feeding your family, and yourself?

As you can see, it’s not just the food you eat or the water you drink.
It’s the whole way you see yourself and your loved ones and your environment.
paint your world, energetically, every day.
Why not make a conscious choice to paint something beautiful and desirable?
You have the power.

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