Picking Up Good Vibrations pt 1 Info in Water

Information in Water

Picking up Good Vibrations (part 1)

The Information carried by Water

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As a foetus, we started out with a body consisting of 99% water; at birth, our bodies contained 90% water; the average human body through life is 70% water; and in old age, we are about 50% water.
In other words, throughout our lives we exist mostly as water. Every structure, and biochemical process, within our bodies is touched and influenced by it.

The molecular structure of water, H2O, and its unique physical (and metaphysical) properties, give it the quality of being an incredibly adaptable carrier of information. This applies to dissolvable physical substances as well as vibrational, or resonance, patterns.
This ‘information-carrying’ ability of water has been recognised in modern times for over a hundred years, by those producing and using vibrational essences for the purpose of healing emotional and physical imbalances, (although I have no doubt this understanding was common knowledge in ancient medicinal and cultural practices as well).
The ability of water to receive and store the vibration of different flowers, and to carry that information into the physical body, was re-discovered by a British surgeon and homeopath, Dr Edward Bach, in the early 20th century. Since then, many different vibrational essences have been created, as the healing properties of different natural substances, as well as spiritual energies, become better understood. Many varieties of plant and flower essences have been created, as well as gem essences (gem elixirs), shell essences, essences of angelic and ascended master energies, and so on.

Water can read and store the vibrational pattern of anything, whether it be a physical object, an emotion or thought, or a spiritual being. That means we can influence water with the information we give it, and water can influence us with the information it carries. Since such a large proportion of our bodies consist of water, it’s no surprise that a specific frequency (energy vibration) carried within the foods & fluids that we take into our bodies will quickly spread through the body and aura.
This understanding can serve to give us pause when we consider what kind of ‘information’ we do allow into our bodies.   Is it negative, even harmful?   Or is it positive and hopeful and healing?
It is also empowering to learn that you can influence the vibration of your physical body, in positive ways, using this incredible quality of water.

This way of thinking about water has, until recently, been considered the fantasy of ‘quacks’, as has much of the vibrational information that energy healers utilise (but which quantum physics is now starting to verify).
While the chemical make-up of flower essences is only brandy and water, and from that perspective they are all alike, from a ‘physics’ perspective each essence shows a distinct and individual vibrational signature.
Essences act on more than just the physical body. They influence physical biochemical functions according to their specific qualities, but their vibrational influence spreads further, into the aura and the energetic patterns which move our physical-mental-emotional functions.

Over a decade ago, a Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, took proof of water’s vibrational adaptability to new heights with his experiments photographing water crystals.
He exposed samples of water to some kind of information, (such as words, music, or an energetic environment), and then froze them for 3 hours at –25oC (–13oF). Once removed from the freezer, the surface of the ice began to melt and opened up like a blooming flower, forming crystals, which he then photographed. Each individual information stimulus was found to produce a different kind of crystal.
Aside from showing that water does indeed take on the vibrational qualities of the information it is exposed to, the overall conclusion was that water which is given positive, loving, uplifting input creates the most clear, symmetrical crystals, while water given negative or harmful input creates deformed crystals and is often unable to create any crystals at all. It is as if the life vitality of the water is influenced by the energy it receives.

Emoto has photographed a multitude of crystals over the years, and you can learn more from his own books, but I’d like to share just a few examples here to help you understand the importance of what you ‘take into your body’ both physically and energetically.
When looking at the comparison photographs, I can easily see, without having to make any intellectual analysis at all, which kind of crystals I’d like the water in my body to be producing!

It was found that water from different locations and different levels of processing produces different kinds of crystals. Tap water, in most cities, was found to be energetically poor in comparison with natural water (water that has sprung up from, and been filtered by, the earth, after rainfall).
This was Emoto’s observation:   “Tap water didn't form crystals at all, while natural, untreated water did. The beauty of these water crystals was intriguing. The tentacles were stretching outward freely and easily from the hexagonal base. On the other hand, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the pictures of frozen tap water. Quite honestly, I viewed their grotesque forms with loathing. Far from crystal formation, the ice often showed horrible shapes.”

Water exposed to different kinds of music, also showed vastly different results.
Classical, soothing, uplifting, and joyful music produced beautiful crystals, while water exposed to heavy metal, aggressive, and sad music was deformed.
Similar responses to music have been found in many experiments done with growing plants, by different researchers. They often found that plants grew towards the speakers when played pleasant music and grew away from the speakers when played aggressive heavy metal music.

The same results were found with words. Sometimes, specific words were spoken regularly to the water and, at other times, they were written down on a label and taped to the bottle of water, with the words facing inwards to the water.
Can water read? Apparently so!
Again, the beautiful, encouraging and uplifting words created the most complete, symmetrical crystals, while aggressive, disrespectful and derogatory words failed to form crystals, or created deformed crystals.
The examples show that the vibration of good words has positive effect while the vibration of negative words has the power to destroy.

In his books, Emoto describes an experiment by a family who put cooked rice in two jars. Every day for a month, both parents and children, at different times, said ‘thank you’ to one jar and ‘you fool’ to the other jar, and they tracked how the rice changed over the period. After a month the rice that was told ‘thank you’ started to ferment with a pleasant mellow smell like that of malt, while the rice that was exposed to ‘you fool’ rotted and turned black.
He wrote about this experiment in an earlier book and, as a result, hundreds of families in Japan repeated the same experiment. Everyone reported the same results. One family added a third jar, which they completely ignored, and found that the ignored rice actually rotted before the rice that was exposed to the words ‘you fool’. He concluded (and I totally agree), that to give your positive (or negative) attention to something is a way of giving energy. The most damaging thing you can do is withhold your attention altogether, to be neglectful.

Your energy flows to wherever you place your attention, so the simple act of looking at something has an effect on it. Focusing your positive attention on anything serves as an expression of love.
So, give your children attention. Give your animals attention. Give your plants attention. Give your body attention!
Look on them all kindly, and speak words of love and praise, and you’ll help them to stay healthy and joyfully alive.

Even more importantly, be grateful for their presence in your life, and for the joy they bring you. Appreciate all the little positives and feel gratitude, over and over again. This is a very powerful healing vibration.
In all his samples and experiments, Emoto found that the most powerful effect, and the most beautiful and perfect crystal, was formed by the phrase ‘love and gratitude’. He found that it was better than both the crystal formed by using only the word ‘love’, and that formed by only ‘gratitude’. The ‘love and gratitude’ crystal is similar in appearance to the ‘gratitude’ crystal, suggesting that the energy of gratitude carries a much stronger healing energy than even love, and has a greater influence.
Emoto describes love as the active, out-flowing, aspect and gratitude as the receptive aspect, and he equates the combination of love and gratitude to a water molecule. The water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen, and he suggests the appropriate proportion for a beautiful life is to express (and receive) one part love to two parts gratitude.
I might add that this discrepancy may also be a reflection of the fact that for a large proportion of humanity, the understanding of love often carries associations of desire and need (eg. I love you. I want you. I need you.) and we are still learning, as we evolve, how to truly express our love energy in an unconditional and more divine way. I personally feel that as we evolve our ability to experience and express more divine love, that energy pattern will become more powerful and beautiful than even gratitude.

Until more recently, the importance of gratitude hasn’t really been acknowledged in a big way. We say a lot about love but don’t really have much to say about the deep value of being grateful for the life we have.
Emoto says:   “What the world needs now is gratitude. We must begin by learning what it means to have enough. We need to feel gratitude for having been born on a planet so rich in nature, and gratitude for the water that makes our life possible. Do we really know how wonderful it is to be able to breathe a big breath of clean air? If you open your eyes, you will see that the world is full of so much that deserves your gratitude. When you have become the embodiment of gratitude, think about how pure the water that fills your body will be. When this happens, you yourself will be a beautiful shining crystal of light.”

In his experiments, Emoto also found that the ‘love and gratitude’ vibration in water can provide immunity from harmful vibrations, and it is my opinion also that reinforcing this vibration within our own bodies, by expressing these energies in our attitude to life, can have a strengthening effect upon our own immune systems and a protective effect in general.
He exposed water to the electromagnetic energies from TV, microwave, mobile phone, etc., and found that crystals could not form. However, when the water was first exposed to the ‘love and gratitude’ vibration and then to the electromagnetic, some crystals were able to form. This suggests that the water carrying the vibration of ‘love and gratitude’ absorbed far less of the destructive electromagnetic vibrations.
He found that TV programs carrying an uplifting, joyous theme or message, enabled some crystals to form as well, even without the ‘love and gratitude’ vibration, while violent and hurtful subject matter had a deforming effect.

So, what’s the message here?
Shield yourself, and everyone else, with waves of Love and Gratitude and leave all nasty thoughts aside. No matter what justification you may have for wanting to think poorly of someone – they may have hurt you, or slandered you, or done something 'unforgivable' – your negative feelings towards them are filling your own body with lethal energy. You are creating your own illness patterns with the stuff you put out and the stuff you take in.
There is no way, in all creation, that you can hurt someone else without hurting yourself more, so you may as well learn to practice forgiveness, for your own sake and the sake of those who love you.

All water is sensitive to subtle energy vibrations. You are 70% water and therefore, even if you were a ‘purely physical being’, you could not escape the influence of water’s ability to carry information. It will deliver to every cell and tissue in your body, whatever vibration you expose it to.
What are you exposing your body water to? Do you put up with verbal abuse or, worse yet, neglect? Do you eat and drink, highly processed and chemically treated products? How often do you thank your body for the fantastic job it’s doing?
We all spend a lot of time in front of computers and TV’s, and use mobile phones. What are you doing to protect your body from absorbing these unbalanced vibrations?

In part 2 of this article,
Healing with Water, this discussion continues with an exploration of some simple ways in which you can bring positive vibrations into your daily lives, your homes and your body. It also looks at using vibrational essences for healing, and how to create your own ‘medicinal water’ for healing purposes.

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