About Kathie

Prayer of St Francis
Make me an instrument of Peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow Love.
Where there is injury, Pardon.
Where there is doubt, Faith.
Where there is despair, Hope.
Where there is darkness, Light.
And where there is sadness, Joy.
Grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled, as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive.
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

LoveLight Co-Creative HealthCare

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Aquarian Blessings  &  LoveLight Co-Creative HealthCare

Kathie Strmota: natural therapist, energy healer, writer and teacher.

Aquarian Blessings is the internet aspect of my holistic health practice,
LoveLight Co-Creative HealthCare, based in Blackwood, Victoria, Australia.
My practice incorporates in-person & distant services
for physical-emotional-spiritual health support.
I teach a range of courses in the areas of health, healing and personal empowerment.
I also offer various supportive healing products, books & articles.

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LoveLight Co-Creative HealthCare


In my practice, I take a holistic and co-creative approach.
My purpose is to help you restore balance in body & mind, aiming to encourage not only a release from symptoms but a better quality of life overall.

Whether you’re suffering from physical illness or personal difficulties in life, I try to explore the bigger picture and all the various factors which impact your situation, and then help you create a plan for healing and change.
In doing this, we will take into consideration your life circumstances, personal preferences, financial limitations, and capability for dealing with challenge.   As we explore the future you want to create for yourself, I will help you set small manageable goals for forward movement, so you can gradually change your life and health for long-term improvement.

Our plan for your healing process is always adapted to allow for and support any treatment programmes you may be undertaking with your medical doctor or other therapists, rather than attempting to exclude them.
It is my belief that the most fortunate ‘patient’ is one who has all the necessary healing professions available and co-operating with one purpose (your best outcome), so that you can receive exactly what you need at every stage of your healing journey.
In this way we can honour your complete well-being, as an individual, rather than being locked into the limitations of any one therapeutic modality.

I aim to support you unconditionally, without judgment.   Whatever your personality, lifestyle choices, strengths or weaknesses, I accept you as a beautiful soul on a journey of experience.
I seek to provide a safe, accepting and comforting space in which you can explore your situation, gain necessary insights, release pain and injury, and open up to new possibilities in both your physical health and challenging life situations.

Holistically, I look at the whole picture of you when addressing any issue, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
My view is that everything is interconnected and so influences, and is influenced by, everything else.
I explore the relationships between your personal issues, physical health, life circumstances, beliefs & attitudes, and energetic patterns, aiming to reach and balance the deeper causes and triggers.

By addressing your health on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, every aspect of you is acknowledged and respected ...   You are not simply viewed as a body, just a collection of moving parts, but as a whole being, a wonderful soul having a creative physical experience.

It is my belief that you are ultimately a perfect reflection of your true source, the God within, which is capable of over-coming any illness, any challenge, any limitation or difficulty.
You constantly create your future life experience, not only through your physical actions, but also through your beliefs and perceptions about yourself and your present situation.

There is no reason why the situation you are in today must be the situation you will be in tomorrow.
Every day is a new day, with new choices and new directions, new attitudes and new beliefs.
You are not bound to carry the burden of yesterday’s beliefs and attitudes all the way into tomorrow.
Nor are you bound by physical illness.
When you recognise your own co-creative power, I believe you can change any situation.

My aim is to help you express your innate heal-ability and creative power, releasing resistant and unbalanced patterns through a greater expression of the strong, wise, wonderful self within.

My deepest desire, for you, for myself and for everyone else, is the freedom to live from the heart and be joyous. I believe in you.

LoveLight Co-Creative HealthCare

Charity & Service

Distant Healing   (free service)
(since 2007)
I offer free distant healing support to beautiful souls around the world through the Sacred Healing Space on this website.

Volunteer  >   Blackwood CERT   (Community Emergency Response Team)
(since 2012)
I’m a volunteer First Responder with the Ambulance Victoria CERT in Blackwood.
CERT teams are an important emergency service in rural areas where Paramedic and Ambulance availability is limited.
I feel grateful to be involved in this challenging (but very rewarding) work.

Co-ordinator, Earth Healing Network
I established and co-ordinated the Earth Healing Network, a global network of everyday people who united (energetically) once a month to send healing energy, prayers and blessings to the Earth and humanity.
Everyone involved, gave their time and energy freely each month.
This group is no longer operating but I send my deepest heartfelt thanks to all members for their wonderful generosity and care of our beautiful planet and its inhabitants.


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