book - Beautiful Life

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Beautiful Life

a practical guide to creating
a more positive life experience

Make glad days, not bad days. Choose how you experience your life.
Understand the nature of perception, intention and presence.
Practices for changing your experiences, improving wellbeing,
and creating a more positive outlook.

When you reach the end of your days, will you be able to say you had a wonderful life?
Or will you feel that it was full of pain, difficulty, and missed opportunities?
You are painting that final picture right now, in every single moment of your life.
The way it turns out is not determined by what the world throws at you, but by how you respond to it.

This book offers you a range of suggestions, activities, and practices, for creating beautiful experiences in every day of your life.
Change the way you see yourself and your world, bring more fun into every day, live in your flow, attract situations which bring you pleasure and reduce those which upset you, get in touch with your deeper self and connect more strongly with your true desires… in general, live the life you want to live, and not a life you settle for.

Whoever said ‘life wasn’t meant to be easy’ must have had a really sad life.
Your growth and expansion can be beautifully fuelled by easy, pleasurable experiences and stimulating challenges. You don’t need all the pain, drama and struggle.
Choose to let it go and soar higher than ever.
Be light. Be free. Be easy.

This book discusses:
… changing your attitudes & perceptions of life
… being aware of your ‘self-talk’ and how it affects your experience
… setting a positive framework for your days
… developing a relationship with yourself
… following your heart / soul direction
… being present and living according to your perfect timing
… personal & spiritual practices (including grounding, meditation, body movement, spiritual experience, and creative expression)



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