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Seeing the Light

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to step outside for a few minutes each morning, as soon as you wake up, to greet the day and ‘see the light’.
Why? Humans are light-sensitive beings. When our eyes are first exposed to light in the morning, it has the effect of ‘re-setting the body clock’. This puts the body’s time-co-ordinated activities into alignment for the coming day. For example, the time at which you first see morning light sets the timing for evening release of melatonin, a hormone which ensures we fall asleep and have a ‘good eight hours’ during the night.
Our bodies have an intimate relationship with light. We have sensors in the eyes and skin which respond to changes in light frequency and intensity, and trigger release of various body hormones & neurotransmitters. As the earth turns its 24 hour cycle, and quality of light gradually changes over the day, we experience changes in body & brain function, energy levels and mood, as well as variations in chakra-processing activity.

Sunshine has a lovely mood-lifting effect which we’ve all experienced. Exactly why this occurs is not fully understood, but two contributing factors may be that sunlight stimulates serotonin production and triggers the release of nitric oxide (NO) in the skin. Serotonin enhances feelings of satisfaction & pleasure, and NO reduces blood pressure and has a relaxing effect.
So, when you’re feeling ‘stressed out’ or just a bit flat, take a calming dose of sunshine by doing something outdoors.

Morning light is high in blue frequencies which have a stimulating and alerting effect. Blue light lifts our energy and mood, and brings clarity to mental functions.
Our energy-field processing is centred in the upper chakras, which manage mental & intuitive activities, and enhance our spiritual insight.
The morning is our best time of day for action & achievement, especially when it involves brain challenges, planning and problem-solving. At this time of day, we have the highest clarity for seeing the best way forward and making easy progress on all those jobs in the ‘too hard basket’.

Light in the middle of the day, roughly 11am-2pm, contains the whole colour spectrum evenly centred in the green frequencies, which have a harmonizing and balancing effect. This is the only part of the day when the skin receives the UV-B frequencies needed to stimulate vitamin D production.
By this time, our energy processing has moved down from the head and is focused in the heart chakra, which heightens our ability to experience warmth and connection with our inner being, and with the world around us. This is the time to let go of the morning’s mad rush and pull back to reconnect with ourselves, see where we are, and appreciate what we’ve achieved so far.
Have a nourishing lunch in the park, alone or in good company, and get your daily dose of vitamin D. Enter your heart-space, feel the love, and do some soul-searching to see what you need over the rest of the day (and over the rest of your life).

As blue frequencies continue to dwindle over the day, warmer frequencies increase, and our energy focus continues to move further down into the body. By early afternoon, quality time for high mental functions and new stimulating activities has truly passed, and our efforts are best put towards body-centred activities and manual labour.
This is the time for ‘no-brainer’ tasks, like filing paperwork or doing routine repairs … tasks where planning and decision-making has already been done, and now you just need to ‘follow-through’.
If possible, set aside any new activities requiring concentrated & complex brain-work for the morning hours, when you can get them done more efficiently (and in half the time) than if you try to push forward with them now.

As the day winds down towards evening, the warm orange-red frequencies dominate, and energy-processing centers deep into the body & lower chakras. Now it’s time to ‘close’ the working day and let it all go, mentally & physically, so you can truly ‘come home to yourself’. Put your ‘to-do lists’ away until morning, leave your work at work, and accept there is nothing more you can do now to change things. Make peace with ‘who you were today’, where you succeeded or failed, and then put it all behind you.
In the warm light of evening, there is no energy for ‘fixing’ your problems, nor the world’s. The energy here is all about ‘being’, just hanging out with yourself, with friends & family, and totally feeling ‘at home’, so you can optimize your body & spirit for the inner journey and those body activities timed to occur during sleep.
Ironically, at this time when we should be turning inward, leaving the world ‘outside’, and producing melatonin (our sleep-time hormone), most people switch on lights, watch TV and use computers. These items cast light dominated by blue frequencies, and act like a ‘spanner in the works’ of our body’s time-keeping. In the morning, natural blue light appropriately shuts down melatonin to bring us fully awake. Unfortunately, so does artificial blue light in the evening, so when we should be primed for sleep, we’re being stimulated to wakefulness. Melatonin also serves as the brain’s primary antioxidant, and does major work overnight to prevent brain tissue degeneration. Inhibiting this evening hormone with artificial light does far more damage than simply keeping us up at night.
Cover your evening lights with orange filters (to block blue waves), turn off the TV by 7-8pm, and generally reduce high stimulation to give your whole system a chance to properly wind-down towards sleep. Listen to calm radio-talk or music, chat with housemates, do something creative, read an easy book, meditate, or have a relaxing bath by candle-light. Let your melatonin truly kick-in so you can benefit from its powerful support. And let your consciousness ground into the body, giving it a stable ‘home-base’ from which to launch its night-time journeys.

Our whole body & energy field is attuned to earth’s light cycles, and all functions are optimized when we allow ourselves to flow naturally with these. Consider what changes you could make to bring your activities more into alignment with the natural flow of light & energy, and you’ll see your health and life experience improve with every small change you make.
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