Body Metaphysical: Basic Anatomy & Body Communication - Understand the Message in Body Symptoms

Body Metaphysical
Body Metaphysical
Basic Anatomy & Body Communication
Understand the Message in Body Symptoms

The human being is a complex unit of body-mind-spirit. All these levels of consciousness interact with and influence one another.   From a holistic perspective, whatever you experience in one part of your being often has points of connection and related ‘stories’ in many other parts of your being and various aspects of your life.
Sometimes these connections are so obvious you don’t even consider how many ‘parts of you’ are involved. For example, before an exam (life experience), you may think about the consequences of failing (mental), which makes you feel nervous (emotional) and creates tension in your gut (physical). In this case, it is easy to understand what has caused the ‘butterflies’ symptom (nervous before exam), and also what will release it (finish the exam).

Each body symptom, whether from illness or injury, has a story to tell you about yourself and your life. It may be a sign-post saying ‘wrong-way-go-back’ (before something worse develops) or it may be a clue to an attitude, behaviour or life situation which needs healing or improvement.
By recognising the messages your body is sending, you can improve your physical health and be empowered to change your inner & outer experience to improve your whole quality of life.

This course gives you a holistic perspective and enables you to better understand yourself, your health issues, and what you need for complete healing.
While learning the basic anatomy & physiology of body tissues, organs, systems and their functions, you will also learn how these physical areas relate to mental & emotional experiences, and how to interpret body symptoms and illness patterns in this context.
Practical theory is combined with intuitive ‘body-communication’ activities to discover the messages your body is giving you. You will learn how to explore the meaning of body symptoms, and how to provide holistic support which addresses the deeper ‘story’ of an issue as well as its superficial symptoms.

Once you understand how to read symptoms and make the connection with attitudes, behaviours and life circumstances, you’ll see that body communication is surprisingly logical, and mostly a matter of shifting your perspective.
You can use this knowledge to improve your own health & quality of life, or to support your loved ones and pets by better understanding what they need to be well.

Body Communication

The mental-emotional-spiritual (or metaphysical) meaning behind illness patterns and body symptoms is usually less obvious than the example given above, and needs to be more consciously investigated.
You can, of course, choose to ignore this.   You can treat physical symptoms, and perhaps make them go away.   But unless the ‘story’ is healed at all its points, it will often be expressed again in time, as another form of illness or a similar symptom in another part of the body.

When considering physical health, we are commonly taught to look no further than other related physical aspects.   We may connect heart disease with diet or lack of exercise, or type I diabetes with genetic inheritance, or a broken leg with the activity that caused the injury.
While these relationships cannot (and should not) be ignored, they’re often just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in understanding why an individual has come to be where they are.
On deeper exploration, the broken leg may have provided a ‘convenient’ way to avoid a confronting anticipated experience, or it may reflect a ‘head-in-the-clouds’ personality when viewed in the context of how many broken bones this person has already experienced over their life.
The person with heart problems may be someone who has difficulty expressing their feelings, with these unprocessed energies burdening the physical heart over time.

In my experience with clients, I’ve found that there is always more to the story and, particularly with complex health issues, physical healing can often be difficult to achieve unless related issues are also identified and healed.

In some cases, simply ‘getting the message’ is enough to trigger physical healing. Your body has talked and you have listened. The symptoms have served their purpose, and never need to return.
Then there are those times when the body sends a little message, like a twinge of pain in the back. If the message is ignored, or not understood, the body will ‘speak up’, perhaps with an immobilising back spasm that requires massage or physio for recovery. If the attitude or behaviour continues, it may then give a message so ‘in-your-face’ that it can no longer be ignored, like chronic back pain that no physio can fully release.
Healing outcomes are greatly improved when you can ‘get the message’ early and make the necessary changes before more serious issues develop.

  • body anatomy & physiology; theory & notes on body structure (tissues, organs and systems); how different body areas function to keep you healthy; how organs & systems relate to one another
  • metaphysical (mental-emotional-spiritual) processing qualities of the various physical organs & systems
  • common ‘messages’ behind different types of symptoms and systemic patterns
  • how to communicate with the body; how to discover its messages in individual situations; and how to identify they best ways to support healing
  • the influence of soul blueprint, life purpose & individual lessons; personal miasms and ‘achilles heel’ symptoms; genetic patterns & ancestral ‘stories’
  • methods of investigation including: logical analysis, extrapolation (‘thinking outside the square’), and intuitive techniques (eg. body communication Q&A, reading energy, and taking a journey into the body)


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