LoveLight Herbal Bone & Muscle Cream


LoveLight Herbal Bone & Muscle Cream
a combination of natural
Herbal Extracts & Essences
in an aqueous cream base

Arnica extract
Arnica montana

A first-aid herb for sports injuries,
helping reduce fluid collection
(internal bleeding or swelling)
in bumps, bruises, sprains & strains,
and helping minimise associated
pain and loss of movement.

Comfrey extract
Symphytum officinale

Encourages healing of damaged bones, muscle tissues, tendons &
ligaments. Traditionally known as
‘knit-bone’ for its great support in
healing bone fractures.

Valerian extract
Valeriana officinalis

Muscle relaxant and nerve tonic,
helping reduce muscle tension &
spasm, and ease pain associated
with injuries, chronic tension,
and joint deterioration.

Crowea essence
Balancing & healing for sore, tired
and damaged muscles & tendons,
at the energetic levels. Helps
improve muscle strength and
reduce tension. Encourages healing
of sports injuries, sprains, RSI,
carpal tunnel syndrome, joint problems, and spinal problems
(eg. sciatica, scoliosis, disc probs).

Garnet essence
Healing & strengthening for bones,
joints (esp. ankles), and spine, at
the energetic levels. Helps improve
flexibility and ease of movement.
Generates space for healing by
clearing stagnant energy and
blocked flow.

Gymea Lily essence
Encourages healing of bones and
ligaments, and can be helpful for
slipped discs, scoliosis, bone
fractures, joint problems, gout,
knee injuries, and sprains.

Hibbertia essence
Softens and loosens energy
contraction in tight, inflexible
muscles and joints. Supportive
for stiffness, arthritic joints,
bunions, and calcifications.

Rock Water essence
Softens tissues, helps increase
flexibility at the energetic levels,
and can help with, stiff, arthritic,
creaky, or frozen joints, and
general muscle stiffness.

Sap essence
Seals, and brings containment
to damaged tissues at the
energetic levels, encouraging
physical healing & repair.

Zinnia essence
Helps increase flexibility and
lightness, encouraging release
of tension, and increasing
freedom of movement.

LoveLight Bone & Muscle Cream

Supports healing of bones & muscles, and their connective tissues
For accident & injury to bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and associated nerves.
For sports injuries, sprains, strains, bumps and bruises.
For tight, stiff and arthritic joints.
For muscle stiffness and repetitive strain injuries.
For muscle tension & tightness, relaxes muscles and so may provide some pain relief.

Heals at the auric level
The healing influence of this cream extends into the Etheric subtle energy body, vibrationally balancing tissues at the etheric levels, allowing a much deeper healing support.

This cream contains only functional ingredients, with no added scents or colours.
Its earthy scent and colour come naturally from the herbal extracts it contains.

Suggestions for Use

your body will tell you how often to apply
Applying this cream is like taking a ‘dose’ of medicine. In this case, the medicine is the liquid herbal extracts and essences which are carried in the base cream. The aqueous base cream is inert and, aside from a slight moisturising effect, the body has no real use for it.
Unlike internal medicines, which are absorbed through the digestive system and move right through the body, these extracts are absorbed through the skin, into the underlying tissues, and exert their influence locally.
The surface area for absorption is limited, so you can’t really give one big dose and be done with it. The cream should be applied repeatedly, until the body has as much as it needs (ie. maximum dose at that time).
Your body will show you when it is ready for the next dose, by how quickly it absorbs the herb-essence ingredients. Once the extracts have been fully absorbed, it’s time to give those tissues some more.
When the need is very urgent, you may find that, as you rub the cream it into an area, it changes quickly from creamy brown to white. This tells you that your body is sucking up the liquid herbal extracts and essences (brown) with urgent enthusiasm, leaving behind the inert base cream (white). If the skin is dry, the base cream will often be absorbed just as quickly. But if, occasionally, you are left with only white cream on the skin surface, simply wipe that off and apply another dose of useful ingredients.
At some later stage, after applying the cream repeatedly at intervals, this will change. The cream will retain its browny colour for longer and take more time to be fully absorbed, indicating that the tissues have enough ‘medicine’ for now to be going on with. Then you simply reduce the frequency of applications, re-applying after a longer period of time, according to your body’s need.

closed-skin areas only
This cream contains Arnica extract, a herb which is not to be used on open wounds or any area of broken skin. In other words, it’s best not to put it directly into the bloodstream.
Don’t panic! This is not a dangerous herb by any stretch of the imagination (in fact, it’s a god-send). It's just not traditionally a herb for internal use. In the case of this cream, if you did accidentally rub it over an open wound, the dose would be so small as to have no troubling effect, so be easy about using it. I just feel it's important to trust the wisdom of the ages.
So, when using this cream for injuries which also involve an open wound, apply the cream on the surrounding tissues and avoid the area of the open wound.

rub it right in
This is not a skin cream. It is designed to support the deeper connective tissues, so you need to rub it right in to encourage deeper absorption.
You can combine your application with a gentle massage (which has its own additional benefits) to encourage nourishment from the herbs and essences to enter the skin and move down through the tissues.
Of course, it there is pain in the area, this will limit the pressure you can use, and it may end up being a very light two-finger rub. Just do as much as you can. The herbs will be gradually absorbed into the tissues regardless.

regular application
I’ve had some feedback that people have experienced relief following a single application of the cream, but I feel that regular application brings better results, both for chronic problems (and their ‘flare-ups) and the repair of injuries.
For injuries, and acute flare-ups of chronic problems, it’s best to follow the body’s lead as to frequency of application (how quickly cream is absorbed) until things are stable again. But, if you’re simply providing ongoing support for a low-grade chronic problem, it may be more convenient to decide on a suitable frequency (eg. morning & night) that you can easily manage in the longer term. However, even in this case I’d give additional applications if the body appears to be absorbing ‘very enthusiastically’.

use ASAP for injuries
To help reduce the degree of swelling and loss of function associated with connective tissue injuries, you can get more effect by applying the cream immediately following the injury.
f you’re a sportsperson, gym-junkie, or physical labourer, you’d do well to have a jar with you whenever you’re out there ‘doing your thing’. If you give your ankle a twist or knock your thumb with a hammer, apply the cream immediately to minimise the swelling which can put additional pressure on tissues.
The same applies if you’re the carer of young, active kids who are constantly in a state of rough & tumble (eg. take a jar with you to the playground). Apply it to their bumps as soon as they occur, rather than waiting to see if a lump or bruise will appear.

ensure fractures are properly set first
This cream contains the herb Comfrey, which has a reputation for being especially supportive for bones. If you have a bone fracture which is plastered, then you won’t be able to use the cream until after the plaster is removed. Even then, however, the cream can be absorbed into tissues and support a more complete healing process, as the bone adapts to weight bearing and movement.
If, on the other hand, you have a minor fracture which is not plastered, but simply dressed or splinted, then you can begin to use the cream immediately.

Caution: You must ensure the bone is properly aligned and set in the correct position before using the cream (even simply to reduce swelling).
Comfrey is a fast-acting healer and encourages bone-knitting quickly. You don’t want a fracture to begin healing in the wrong position.
Even if you don’t have this cream, it’s best to ensure a minor fracture is aligned as soon as you can, before swelling, and before it is splinted. In relation to this, an x-ray or scan is always best. Major fractures are best left to the medics.



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