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Thank you for such a thoughtful, generous and detailed email Kathie – I really appreciate that it’s not easy to explain these issues in an email but everything makes sense, and is written beautifully and has been so helpful – Thank You!
Your suggestions do very much resonate and make sense, and following your suggestions this way will help me to feel more controlled, aware and confident with my experiences even if it takes a couple of months to get things right.
Thank you so much for your guidance and advice – I will indeed be reflecting and re-reading this beautiful email time and time again as I think it will help in so many ways … I really appreciate all your help and support.

Kathleen, Alberta, Canada
practical change-plans

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A Practical Change-Plan

Do you have a dream you want to manifest, or a goal you can’t seem to reach?
Would you like to create new life routines, improve behaviours or inner perceptions, succeed with a new plan or project, or make any other positive change to your current life situation?

When you decide you want to make something happen in life, the idea itself is inspiring and uplifting.   In that moment of revelation, it often feels like simply thinking about it will make it happen.
If you imagine yourself in that amazing new place, you may feel relief or excitement, and the potential for deep satisfaction.   These are powerful drivers for moving your life in a new direction.

Occasionally, such motivations are all that’s needed to get you there.
More often than not, however, a desired change can present a range of challenges which you may not see how to resolve, so your great intention can end up in the ‘too hard basket’ for months, or even years.

The key to creating purposeful change is a well-organised practical plan, and this is where I can help.

Following consultation, I can design a plan for change which is specific to your goal, and personalised to your individual preferences, lifestyle choices, and inner challenges.
My aim is to create a map which can help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be, by the easiest possible route; and to provide you with supportive suggestions and activities to help you along the way.

Your personal Change-Plan is designed to:
… be practical and realistic, to set you up for success
… make changes in small easy steps which you can take at your own pace, to reduce pressure or overwhelm
… be flexible and adaptable, to prevent the unexpected from throwing you off track
… incorporate stimulating & inspiring activities, to keep the process interesting and pleasurable
… allow for self-appreciation stops along the way, to re-energise your purpose and enthusiasm
… consider potential obstacles and possible solutions, to reduce resistance as you move forward
… take into account your individual ‘issues, resistance or fears’ in relation to the changes you desire, and suggest or provide supportive activities to help heal and release these (this can reduce the potential for ‘inner sabotage’)

While I can help you create the map, and provide you with lots of helpful tools and suggestions, you’re still the one who has to walk the path.
Nothing will change unless you actually choose to take each step, and I will do my best to encourage that by mapping a path that is possible for you.
So, prepare yourself for the journey by reflecting honestly on where you want to be and why, as well as on what factors may be preventing you from choosing to move forward.
Your insights will help us fine-tune the best way to go

practical change-plans

A few examples of the variety of goals for which I’ve created plans in the past:

Teen Self-Esteem Plan
Initial Desire or Problem … issue initially raised by mum: “(my daughter) is really struggling, she’s so amazing and smart but she can’t see it, she’s so down on herself, it’s like she’s got depression or something, I just want her to feel good about herself” … I explored these issues with the young teen and we created her goal together
Defined a Goal … to feel good every day, be comfortable talking to people, and have a best friend
Change Plan … this plan applied daily personal practices (suitable for a teen) to gradually change self-perceptions, develop confidence and improve mood (including creative visualisation, journaling, mindfulness, and positive self-talk behaviours) … it also included a series of goal-challenges designed to increase positive social interaction and invite supportive friendships
Time Frame … 6-12 months

Healthy Weight & Lifestyle Plan
Initial Desire or Problem … “I can’t lose this weight, I’m just going round in circles, I try something different for a while and then somehow fall back into my usual habits, it’s useless, I just want a life where my body is healthy and I don’t have to think about it all the time”
Defined a Goal … to reduce excess weight and to create sustainable lifestyle routines which support my health in the long term
Change Plan … a complex plan incorporating gradual dietary improvements, changes in sleep routines, the development of a pleasurable physical-activity program, and personal practices for inner work and self-love … this plan also had a therapeutic component in the initial stages (nutritional supplements, natural medicines and energy healing) to help get things moving in the right direction
Time Frame … integrating a few small changes, every 3-6 weeks, over a 12 month period

Buy-a-Car Plan
Initial Desire or Problem … “my car ‘has had it’, I need a new car, I’ve got no cash, I don’t know where to start”
Defined a Goal … to buy an affordable, reliable car in good condition
Change Plan … a structured framework of small goals which gradually moved this person from the initial process of defining their ‘ideal vehicle’ through to the final steps of purchasing a car and transferring ownership (including such steps as obtaining the necessary funds and attracting mechanically-minded helpers) … this plan also involved creative activities, dream-work and visualisation to help bring this person and their ideal car together
Time Frame … this person set a 6 month limit

Kitchen Detox Plan
Initial Desire or Problem … this person suffered “foggy brain” and was “tired all the time” (with no serious illness) … after exploring health symptoms and lifestyle habits, it was agreed that we would first look at improving the body’s natural detox functions by reducing the ‘toxic load’ it had to deal with
Defined a Goal … to develop a ‘clean’ diet free of unhealthy additives and junk-snacks
Change Plan … for this person, the best direction was to gradually change the food products in fridge & pantry (a few items each week), to reduce temptation and provide readily-available ‘healthy snack’ options … we aimed for replacement rather than with-holding, to retain feelings of pleasure and satisfaction, and avoid feelings of ‘missing out’ … I provided info about food additives, directions for doing a ‘kitchen health review’ and exploring the role of each food item, and planned an adventure into alternative meal & snack recipe options
Time Frame … 3 months

End-a-Relationship Plan
Initial Desire or Problem … “this relationship has been over for a long time but I can’t seem to end it” … there were a range of personal factors which kept this person stuck in the relationship, and these were essentially what the plan needed to address
Defined a Goal … to release all entanglements and end my current relationship lovingly and without regrets
Change Plan … a framework of activities (inner work, conversations, and practical actions), in evolving stages, designed to gradually release layers of resistance and emotional ties, and open the way for the final decision to be made … this plan also incorporated occasional counseling sessions
Time Frame … no specific time frame except ‘as soon as I feel ready’ … this applied equally to moving onto each next stage of the process, as well as the final goal of leaving

Intensive Nutritional Supplement Plan
Initial Desire or Problem … this person had a chronic auto-immune illness but had no interest in energy work (“or anything metaphysical for that matter”) so we focused on what kind of practical physical support would be most suitable
Defined a Goal … provide my body with sufficient nourishment to restore balanced function
Change Plan … this plan required me to do some deep research into the specifics of the illness, its associated body processes, and what nutrients (or deficiencies) were involved … I then created a finely-tuned ‘medicinal’ supplement plan, at high therapeutic doses, selecting the most appropriate products for safety and best absorption, and delicately balancing each individual nutrient against the others for the most effective synergistic relationship … popping pills can become very boring in the long term, so I included suggestions on how to streamline this process in the daily routine in the most convenient ways … I also designed a self-monitoring and record-keeping plan to map health improvements (or identify a ‘slow-down’ in progress), which provided encouragement as well as the information needed to fine-tune nutrient doses as time progressed
Time Frame … 6-12 months
This person also had a separate plan for making dietary & lifestyle improvements intended to further encourage healing and also to help maintain health for the long-term.

Summer Solstice Ceremony Plan
Initial Desire or Problem … this couple weren't seeking a program for change, but were simply planning a “celebration of blessings & bounty” for the summer solstice, with friends & family, and wanted to incorporate a “gratitude ceremony” that everyone could take part in … the intention was to “generate a powerful energy of gratitude & appreciation in the hearts & lives of everyone involved”, which in itself is a catalyst for attracting positive experiences into life and making positive change easier
Defined a Goal ... to incorporate a gratitude ceremony into our day of celebration
Change Plan … this plan was a ceremony framework designed to focus energy into the purpose ... it included a range of playful and heart-felt activities (some deep, some silly, some symbolic) associated with appreciating life and one another, counting the blessings, and creating positive intentions for the future
Time Frame … over a period of 6 hours, interspersed with the day's other activities (general ‘hanging out’ & chat, yummy food, music and dancing!)



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