Crystal Healing Kit

Crystal Kit

Crystal Healing Kit

for Children & Adults

LoveLight Crystal Healing Kit

make friends with the mineral kingdom

With 17 different healing stones, this is a great starter kit for both kids and adults.

Learn about the healing properties of different crystals, and bless your body & spirit with the benefit of their wonderful vibrational support.

This kit comes with an easy-to-use handbook describing the healing properties of each crystal.
The booklet introduces the concept of crystal healing and explains how to care for and cleanse your stones. It also contains a kid-friendly index indicating which crystals can best support you in specific situations.
Booklets are individually made for each kit, and contain photographs of the actual stones in the kit. This enables your child to easily identify which stone they wish to use.

Info Booklet Salt and Bowl for cleansing
Draw-string Bag to carry crystals
17 healing stones … Agate … Amethyst … Aventurine … Bloodstone … Chrysoprase … brown Jasper … red Jasper … Moonstone … Pyrite … Rhodonite … Rhyolite … Rose Quartz … Sunstone … Tiger Iron … blue Tiger’s Eye … Tourmaline Quartz … Unakite


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