Distant Sessions

Distant Sessions
distant counseling & healing

It was really good to talk with you about my problems with Jake and break it all down.
It’s helped me feel calmer and look at his behaviour in a different way.
I think that’s changed the way I’ve been toward him – not so short-tempered, and he’s been different too and less rebellious.
He loves his drops and is nearly finished the bottle already. I think he’s been taking it more often than you said to. He asked me the other day if I could tell you to send him another bottle!

Renee, QLD, Australia   (phone consult/counseling, essences)

I just want to let you know the healing you are sending has been So amazing!
Joe was really unwell but I have recently been informed that he is now up from his hospital bed and the doctors are amazed at his sudden progress and are willing to send him home in the next few days! I cried with joy when I heard the news! I cannot thank you enough. God Bless You, and keep up such wonderful work you do to help others.

Lana, USA   (absent energy healing)


Distant Healing, Consulting, Intuitive Counseling, Training
available with phone & skype sessions

Over the years, I’ve found remote healing sessions to be as lovely and effective as in-person sessions.
Our multidimensional existence means that we don’t need to be within touching distance to help you access consciousness patterns for healing and change. With both direct and indirect contact I can explore your issues and imbalances, and help align your system to access the most appropriate healing energies to support you.
The healing space is non-physical, so I am able to create and hold a beautiful, safe environment for your vulnerable journey even when you are physically elsewhere.

This wonderful circumstance means that my supportive services are available to you, no matter where you happen to be in the world, whether international, interstate, or local.

Aside from accessibility, distant sessions also offer a range of other practical benefits:
… you can save time (and cost) by not needing to travel to and from your appointment
… you have the flexibility of fitting sessions more easily into your work and home life (eg. in the park on your lunchbreak, or late in the evening after the kids are in bed)
… having your sessions at home gives you a space of familiar comfort and privacy in which to confront the challenges and painful insights which can arise during healing and counseling sessions
… being at home when the session ends allows you to remain in that lovely internal space for as long as you need to, contemplating your insights, processing energy shifts, or even journaling … this is a luxury you just don’t have when you need to travel directly after the session, and your consciousness is pulled back out into the busy world

distant counseling & healing

Distant consulting, counseling, and training sessions involve direct contact (via phone or skype), while healing sessions don’t necessarily require this.
For distant healing sessions you have the choice of being present and engaging with me during the healing session, just as you would in-person. Or you may choose to allow me to do the healing work while you continue to go along with your day (absent healing), and we will usually touch base for a de-brief after the healing session is complete.
My only qualifications for the latter option are that during the time of the session you don’t do any driving (or operate heavy machinery, and so on), and that your activities remain quiet and contemplative (eg. housework, gardening, or walking in the park) rather than being fully engaged with the ‘outside world’ (eg. a rock concert, or having a bunch of friends over) or in activities which require a strong focus of your attention (eg. reading, or being at work). Of course, because of your time constraints, you may not have the freedom to be so selective about what you do while I’m working with your system, and that is fine. These qualifications do not influence the effectiveness of the healing work, but I do believe that your ability to engage with your own thoughts and feelings during the session enhances the overall outcomes.

Read the FAQ’s below for practical information about how distant sessions take place and what your options are.
More information about accessing my services is available on the
Services page.
If you still have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Read more about the nature of distant healing at the end of this page (following the FAQ’s).

FAQ about distant phone & skype sessions

What kind of distant sessions are available?

All my in-person services, except the intensive session, are available as distant sessions … consult & counseling sessions, energy healing sessions, intuitive readings, training & instruction sessions, and animal healing.
You can read about each of these sessions, and the activities involved, on the Services page.

How do I book a distant session?

Once you have decided which kind of session you require, select the appropriate cart link to make your payment and confirm your booking.
As you move through the checkout, use the ‘comments’ question to let me know if you have any preferences for dates & times, and the method by which you want to connect for your session.
I will then contact you by email (or phone if preferred) to arrange an appointment time which suits us both.

Please note: While in-person sessions can be paid when you attend your appointment, bookings for distant sessions must be paid in advance and appointments are not confirmed until payment is made.

I live in another country. How can we co-ordinate our times for the appointment?

You can check the
Global Time Zones chart to identify the time difference between your location and mine (Melbourne, Australia). This will help you consider what time frames may be most convenient.
When you contact me, or specify your preferences in the ‘comments’ question during checkout, please let me know your location (and the time zone difference between us if you have identified it).

I’m very flexible with my distant session times, which can take place between 7 am and 9 pm (my time), and will do my best to accommodate your needs.
I’ve only had a couple of occasions where the time discrepancy prevented direct contact during healing sessions, and these clients elected to have their sessions while in bed, asleep.

What if I’m not sure what kind of session I need?

Quite often, we know we need some support to make life changes or access healing, but find it confusing to know exactly which kind of session will be most suitable. That’s where I can help you.
If you’ve read about my available services
and still feel unsure about what will suit you best, please contact me to discuss your options and we can work it out together.

What communication options are available for my distant session?

Distant Consults and Counseling sessions … available by phone and skype voice or video.

Distant Healing sessions (for people or animals) … available via skype voice or video (if you wish to be present and engage with the healing) … or you can be absent while I do the healing (with email, phone or skype voice / messenger contact before and after the session).

Distant Training & Instruction sessions … available by phone and skype voice or video.

Distant Intuitive Readings … available by phone and skype voice or video (if you wish to be present for the reading) … or if you don’t wish to be present, you can receive a typed reading, by email or post, following email contact to establish your requirements.

How does a phone session happen?

For most phone sessions within Australia, I will call you at the time of the appointment. (In some unusual cases, it may be necessary to negotiate which of us has the ‘better’ phone plan to determine who should make the call).
For international calls, you will need to call me at the time of the session. There are many international telecommunication providers which offer ‘phone cards’ with deals for long talking times at very low rates. However, for international sessions, I would recommend the skype option, which is free (see next question).

Consults, counseling sessions and readings run for 1 hour. Training sessions generally take place in 2 hour time slots (unless previously arranged for less time).

What is a skype session and how does it happen?

Skype is an internet communication program which you can download without cost. The basic program allows us to contact one another, free of charge, anywhere in the world.

To have a skype session with me, you need to have the skype capability on your computer or mobile.
We communicate via the internet, using microphone and speakers on the computer for a voice call. Video calls require you to have a webcam installed or attached to your computer as well. (Most newer computers now have these built-in).
The only limitation is the amount of data you have on your internet plan. Most basic plans will carry voice calls easily, while a video call uses a larger data quotient.

When we have a skype session, you will need to be logged into your skype account and available for a call, before the time of our appointment. I will call you at the arranged time and our session will progress just as if we were having a phonecall.

Consult, counseling, energy healing, reading and training sessions are all available with voice or video skype.  Simply choose a comfortable location where you can sit by your computer or mobile, allowing the microphone to pick up your voice (and web-cam to frame you if having a video session).

If you are having a distant healing session for which you want to be present, you may wish to set yourself up somewhere you can sit or lie in a relaxed position. Using a headset (earphones & mic) which extends with a lead to your computer, will give you more freedom to get comfortable, while still being able to see me on-screen (if having a video session) and allow me to see you.
I move through the healing session in my healing space, just as I would if you were there with me in-person. There are periods of discussion, as we explore issues and imbalances, as well as periods of silence, when you may close your eyes and go within, while I work on your system. Ultimately, your individual situation and story will determine how the healing session progresses, both in-person and distant.

What if I need to change or cancel my appointment?

All changes and cancellations for in-person and distant appointments require 48 hours notice.
A short-notice cancellation fee applies (50% of your session fee) so please be considerate and make any booking changes as soon as you become aware of the need.

Please contact me by phone, if you wish to change or cancel your appointment. Leave a message if I’m not available. I check my phone messages at least twice daily, so will be certain to receive your message in time to re-organise.
International clients can use email, but please try to allow me plenty of time as I’m not always able to get through all my emails on a regular basis.
DO NOT use skype messaging to change or cancel appointments. I only access this when preparing for a distant session.

How much do distant sessions cost?

Each of the different sessions has its own fee.  From the
Services page, you can review the various sessions.
Therapeutic sessions carry a concession rate for children under 16 and eligible adults.

If you prescribe medicinal or nutritional treatments following my session, how will you give these to me?

If ongoing internal treatments are required following your session, we’ll discuss anything which is indicated, and decide together which treatment forms will be most preferable for you (just as we do during in-person sessions).

Tailor-Made Treatments
If I need to mix up a specific combination of liquid herbal extracts, essences, or external cream, then I will make this up and post it to you immediately following your session.

Generic Treatments
For nutritional supplements, herbal teas, or other treatments which are readily available, you have the option of either receiving these from me, or purchasing them yourself, locally or via the web.
Purchasing these items yourself gives you greater control as you don’t need to contact me each time you’re about to run out. You can also choose your own supplier, and possibly find cheaper sources, if you wish to do some research. I’ll give you full details about the necessary treatments and the form in which you should take them, so you will have the correct information to find what you need. In most cases, I can also suggest suppliers and websites through which you can get the items.
Alternately, if you prefer, I can post the items to you. Just bear in mind that some supplements may be heavy and incur greater shipping costs.
Of course, we will discuss whatever is needed and how easy it is to source, and you can weigh up the various options before deciding which way to go.

How do I pay for extra treatments which you send me?

Anything I send you can be paid through the website using the ‘open payment’ cart link in the left column of the Home page or Services page. This link allows you to select the appropriate number of $1 units, according to the cost of your medicines or supplements.

distant counseling & healing

What is Distant Healing?

The term ‘distant healing’ (‘intent healing’, ‘remote healing’), refers to the use of intention to effect positive changes (healing) in a person, place or situation, that is not in physical contact with the healer.
The distance between them may be 2 feet or it may be 30,000 miles.   Neither space, nor time, appear to have a limiting effect on the transmission of healing as a result of intention.

Based on this broad definition of distant healing, you can see that it is not the specific method of healing, but the intended result and our acceptance of this intention as a foregone conclusion, which plays the most important role.
Distant healing has also been called ‘faith healing’ because of the trust required to hold the healing intentions, and carry on the healing process, without any immediate evidence of the effect of the healing.
By this definition, all energy healing, whether distant or not, can also be called faith healing.   Even a doctor prescribing medication for a patient has faith that the medication will work, and the patient has faith in their doctor and the medication.
In fact, research into the placebo effect has shown that a treatment will be far less effective, and sometimes totally ineffective, if the patient doesn’t have any faith in it, or in their doctor.
But I digress!   My point is simply this…   where do you draw the line?

Everyone sends distant healing regularly, in different ways, without even realising it.
If you pray for a sick friend in hospital, you are sending healing at a distance.
If you make a wish for a drought to break in another country, you are also sending healing at a distance.
If you look at your child across the dinner table, and wish for them a blessed life, again you are sending healing at a distance.

Increasingly more studies are being performed which investigate the effects of distant healing and the results, in general, have shown statistically significant health improvements in those patients who receive distant healing – whether in the form of prayer, direct intention, good wishes, or meditation.
I have seen, from my own experience with clients, the incredible ability that we have for transmission of thought / intention / energy. Even when a person is within touching distance, working on the energy field is not dependent on direct contact as much as it is on the clear intention to open channels and move energy, and the willingness and permission of the person receiving healing to allow these process to occur. Thus, the distance between myself and my client has little bearing on potential outcomes.

If you’d like to learn more about the research into this area, you can read the article Distant Healing by Daniel. J. Benor MD, which reviews 61 studies into distant healing.


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