Energetic Integrity: Aura & Relationship Boundary Management

Energetic Integrity

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Energetic Integrity
Aura & Relationship Boundary Management

Stand in your power, be more grounded & centred, and live in integrity with your own inner truth and purpose from day to day. Learn how to reduce the energetic influence of challenging environments & people, so you can ‘be in charge’ or your own experience.

This one-day course explores your mental-emotional & energetic interactions with the world around you, and how to manage your boundaries with others. Learn supportive techniques for energy-awareness, grounding, asserting your boundaries, energy protection, and clearing invasive energies from your field or environment. more grounded, present and centred in life.

This issue is relevant to everyone, but is particularly important for those who are over-sensitive to the energy of others, for anyone whose regular occupation involves caring for others, and for people involved in energy work (where clear energetic boundaries are a must).

Personal integrity is a very big topic and a journey of evolution over a lifetime ... much more than can be covered in one day.
What I’m offering here is an understanding of how you interact energetically with your world, and the impact this has on your life experience.
Along with that, you’ll learn some basic management techniques with which you can begin to improve your energetic integrity and personal clarity, and develop more nourishing relationships with the world around you.

energy boundary management

  • the nature of personal power & integrity; maintaining your inner power in relationships with others
  • healthy boundaries; common boundary imbalances; how to identify your own boundary imbalances; how to define & assert your boundaries
  • the energetic influence of words & thoughts
  • practices for being more grounded and present, and enhancing soul integration
  • invasive energies, cords & bonding, energetic injuries
  • energy detox; clearing your system of unbalanced energies
  • managing your aura interactions and protecting your energy field

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you interact continuously with your environment and with others on an energetic level.
This is a natural function of the human system.

If you are well-grounded with healthy boundaries, your interactions will deliver appropriate sensory and energetic information, nourishment, and consciousness patterns, into your system, while filtering out anything which doesn’t serve your good.
This protective filtering process becomes inefficient when your system lacks integrity, when boundaries are poorly structured or deficient in some way, and when your own fears or unconscious motivations allow boundary violations to occur.

Unbalanced external energetic influences can manifest in many different ways.
In your general health there can be physical exhaustion or illness symptoms, mental fog, confusion and mood changes.
When there are unclear boundaries between your energy field and the energy of others, you can find yourself swayed into life directions or behaviours which you wouldn’t choose for yourself if you were being true to your inner heart’s guidance. You can be too easily influenced by the desires, fears and emotional manipulations of others.

You can only live according to your true inner needs & desires by being conscious of where the motivation for your choices, actions and responses is coming from.
You can bring more clarity into your system by being more grounded, and managing your boundaries and energetic links with others.

Choose to be conscious of what you’re allowing into your field, and reduce the influence of unhelpful energies.


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