Energetic Integrity: Sacred Space - Manage the Energy of your Home

Energetic Integrity

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Energetic Integrity
Sacred Space - Manage the Energy of your Home

A healthy house is alive with dynamic energy flow and vitality.   It supports your ability to maintain a positive head-space and functional aura from day to day, and provides subtle support for your future ‘becoming’ and the fulfilment of your desires.
Learn how to turn your home, or any other environment, into a ‘sacred space’ which protects your wellbeing and nourishes your life.

Just like people, environments have a history of experiences which shape them, and develop a pattern of energy dynamics which can influence you.   Your mood or state of mind can change rapidly on entering a space charged with energy or emotion, or you can be influenced subtly by the energetic fall-out of activities which occur in a house or work-space.

Much of your time is spent in the home, where you are continually influenced by both its practical structure and its energy ‘shape’.   If you didn’t clean the house regularly, the gathering waste and disorder would soon overwhelm you.   The same applies to energy fall-out, though people rarely think of clearing the space in which they allow themselves to be most vulnerable.
Additionally, the energy dynamic (or personality) of your home environment impacts your ability to grow, change and make forward progress in life.   Some dynamics can lock you into the past, making it difficult to change behavior or see new possibilities.   Others can move you in directions you never intended to go.

This course teaches you to manage the energetic integrity of a house or other space, such as a healing centre, classroom, work-space, caravan, car or garden.
Learn about different types of physical and energetic influences, like light, objects & décor, stagnant energy flow, EMF’s, geopathic zones, and charged experiences.   Learn how to identify imbalances and clear undesirable energies.
Discover how you can change the energetic ‘shape’ of a space, with colour & décor, furniture placement, intention and blessing, so that it is positively supports your health, your interactions with others, and the experiences you wish to create.

Sacred Space

A Necessary Practice for Healers & Therapists
Space clearing should be a regular practice for all therapists, to ensure a healthy, nurturing space for clients.   Whether you’re doing deep energy work or simply counselling, energies are naturally released by a person as insights integrate and healing shifts occur.   A clinic space or healing room can quickly gather heavy energy and needs regular attention.

Clarity & Balance in the Classroom
If you’re a teacher with your own regular classroom, there is much you can do to maintain a supportive environment for ‘your kids’.   Practical aspects, like light, colour, imagery & décor can be selected to create a specific type of learning environment and improve concentration & co-operation, while the application of specific vibrational tools can support the particular qualities and directions you wish to encourage.   Additionally, maintaining a clear expansive energetic environment can enhance mental clarity & focus, as well as the ability to absorb and integrate larger amounts of information.

Create a Bubble of Bliss at Work
You may not be able to manage the energy of your whole workplace, but you can take steps to ensure your own work-space is kept in good energetic condition.   If you have your own office, you can do a lot to improve its energy so the time you spend at work is more pleasant and fruitful.   If you only have a desk or work-station in a group space, you can also create a ‘bubble of bliss’ in this little area.

Can You Really ‘Be at Home’ at Home?
When you leave the security of your home environment and go out into the world, you naturally ‘put your guard up’ to some degree.   You tend to be more vigilant, both mentally and energetically, about what you may experience or encounter, and more consciously protective of your ‘personal space’.
When you return home, it’s a lovely feeling to be able to kick off your shoes, let your guard down, fully relax and be yourself.   But this physical & mental ‘letting go’ is also accompanied by aura opening, making you more vulnerable to the energetic influences in your home environment.
Keeping your home healthy and clear of unsupportive influences is a highly important factor in managing your energetic integrity.

  • energy dynamics in spaces and environments; how space-energy evolves and how it can impact the occupants; effects on general health, energetic integrity, and day-to-day mood & mental outlook; influence on personal growth, creating change, and the success of ventures in the long-term; effect on relationship dynamics in a shared home
  • physical & energetic influencing factors (dead energy, emotional charge, energy release fall-out, electromagnetic frequencies, geopathic zones, invasive energies, images, objects, décor, furniture placement, etc)
  • understanding when a space needs clearing or change; making a schedule for regular maintenance
  • intuitive techniques for exploring space energy and the ‘stories’ it carries, and identifying ‘hot-spots’ and ‘dead-zones’
  • techniques for clearing or balancing energy in a space (sound clearing & harmonising, light & air, ‘holy’ water, smudging, intention & visualisation, plants, etc)
  • ways to change the energy dynamics & ‘stories’ of a space, and create environments which support and enhance a specific purpose; blessing & intention; change gateways; décor, furniture arrangement and item placement
  • vibrational tools to support space energy (colour, crystals, sacred geometry, natural elements, imagery, charged water, sacred objects, spirit guide support, etc)
  • shielding and protection



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