Garnet Essence

Crystal Healers

Vibrational Essences are a wonderfully powerful and safe, healing tool.
They work in a very subtle and unobtrusive way, without discomfort or drama, yet they are capable of bringing about profound and lasting change in your life.
Essences work best when used regularly over a longer period, encouraging the body-mind to gradually shift patterns of imbalance, and integrate a more harmonious state, first at the auric level and then into the physical experience.
They help bring about gentle improvements in physical function and mental-emotional attitudes, which are often not obvious immediately. These positive changes tend to reveal themselves in subtle ways, affecting the way you feel, how you see things and respond to life, and the choices you make. Most often you recognise in hindsight how your life experience has changed for the better over time.


Grounding Love into the Physical Life

Grounding & Stability
Love & Compassion
Increased Energy

support for:
bones & joints
heart & circulation
adrenal glands
immune system

LoveLight Garnet Essence

Grounding & Stability
Garnet essence is powerfully grounding.
It supports your ability to draw inner stillness, stability, strength, and presence into your energy field and life.
It encourages you to live in the present, to release past & future, to be grounded in the here-and-now.
It strengthens your capability to weather the fiery, chaotic storms of life with flexibility & stability, enabling you to stand strong & solid in the midst of it all.

Healthy Boundaries
Garnet essence encourages independence and self-sufficiency, helping you to release energetic, mental or emotional entanglements from other people.
It strengthens your boundaries, both in your energy field and within personal relationships.
It enables you to clearly see where your energy ends and someone else’s begins, to be more aware of when other people’s energy is interfering with your own, and to recognise where your choices and motivations have come from (within you or from some external influence?)
Overall, it helps you create clearer boundaries, enabling you to ‘stand your ground’ in any context.

Positive Perceptions
Garnet essence helps to draw Spirit more fully into the body and allows you to experience the good (‘god’) in this life … in every thing you do, every word you say, all you hear or see … It encourages you to see the good-ness (‘god-ness’) within all things.
It also helps you see your experiences from a more positive perspective, and is wonderful for people who habitually put a negative spin on things.

Pleasure in the Physical
Garnet essence balances your experience of taking pleasure in the physical aspects of life without self-judgment, self-doubt or shame.
It helps you enjoy life’s physical pleasures… being touched by another, physical activity & movement, or simply relishing the taste and smell of a delicious meal.

Higher Love & Compassion
Garnet essence encourages the grounding of Love into your physical world … the love of life itself, and also a love for people, nature, the earth, animals … It helps you to love all things outwardly and honestly, and also encourages self-love.
It helps you bring higher and more compassionate Love into your personal and sexual relationships … ‘making love’ becomes a reality, not just a phrase … ‘sexual passion’ becomes ‘sexual com-passion’.
By opening the heart chakra to love & gratitude, and drawing energy into the physical life through the base chakra, this essence also helps expand your ability to manifest desires and intentions into reality, and create a life of Joy.

Live Your Truth
Garnet essence helps you to restore a sense of Self.
The expansion of love through your heart lights you up, enables you to be more your true self, to be seen and to allow your inner greatness to be expressed.
This essences helps reduce fears of being great, and brings the courage to reveal yourself.
It helps you follow your own inner truth and personal integrity, and freely express that in the world.
Garnet helps to release the ego from survival fears and deep uncertainties, to dissolve ingrained behaviour patterns that are no longer serving you, and to bypass resistance or self-induced unconscious sabotage.
It also supports you when you feel you can no longer trust your instincts after a previous failure, and restores faith in your inner wisdom and strength.

Physical and Energetic Support

Garnet essence encourages a balanced relationship between the Heart Chakra & Base Chakra (root).
It also supports the alignment of subtle energy body function, bringing balance and stability.

Garnet helps to improve energy flow and is useful wherever there is under-active or stagnant energy … a lack of energy to think, take action or create in life … a lack of movement and flow in any aspect (physical body or life situations) … any type of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual stagnation.
It helps increase energy levels in situations of low energy and fatigue (exhaustion, debility from long-term illness, overall general weakness, slow healing processes).

Garnet encourages physical and mental resilience (strength plus flexibility).

Garnet supports the skeletal structure, aids the healing of bones in general, and has a special affinity for the spine and the ankles.
It is supportive for all kinds of bone & joint problems such as broken bones, low bone density (as in osteoporisis), calcifications, spinal rigidity, and arthritis.

Garnet supports the cardiovascular system … balances heart function & health, stimulates blood flow, improves the circulation, and is useful for problems of fatty circulation (as in atherosclerosis).

Garnet strengthens the adrenal glands and immune system, and is supportive for any condition with immune involvement (from simple infections to cancers).

Garnet also increases the body’s ability to absorb & use the minerals silica and iron.

LoveLight Garnet Essence

How to use Garnet Essence

For one-off use, you can take a single dose, or several consecutive doses over the day, at times when you intuitively feel you need its support.   This is especially useful when you feel a need for grounding, stability or clarity in a particular situation.

As an ongoing remedy, you can take a regular dose, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, commonly over a 2-3 week period (until the dose bottle is finished). You may feel an urge to take it for longer, possibly 5 or 6 weeks. Allow your intuition to guide you in this, as every body and situation is different.

One-off, short-term use serves to provide immediate support which allows you to experience things differently at the time. This can be very helpful to enable greater clarity and presence as you move through a difficult situation or state of mind. However, these experiential shifts are more symptomatic. There isn’t enough exposure to encourage permanent changes in your well-developed habitual ways of operating.
Regular dosing over several weeks, on the other hand, gives your system repeated exposure to the balancing patterns of the essence, encouraging gradual shifts in your habitual systemic imbalances as they gently align with its harmonic energy. This is the way to encourage more permanent shifts in your energy field and bring about long-term changes in your physical, mental or emotional state.

For long-term issues, such as ongoing / chronic health problems, long-term fatigue, or limiting attitudes or beliefs developed in childhood and repeatedly affirmed over many years, it is best to take the essence for a longer period initially (eg. 6 weeks or even 12 weeks), and then repeat a 2-3 week course every few months or so, over the long-term (as long as you continue to feel a need for it).
Each course encourages further changes in your energy, ‘peeling the layers’, after allowing time to integrate the previous energy shift into your daily life.

Generally, an essence dose is taken by placing a few drops directly under the tongue.
You can also place a few drops into a glass of water (or into your water bottle) and sip regularly, if you need more urgent ‘through-the-day’ situational support.

Essences are not ‘chemically’ active, in the way that pharmaceuticals, herbal medicines or nutritional supplements are. They operate at the vibrational level, so exact dosing is not essential. There is no risk of over-dosing, but large doses are not necessary.

Please be aware that a small amount of alcohol is included as a natural preservative, to prevent any bacterial growth in the water, and this may be a concern if you completely abstain from alcohol.


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