Inner Alchemy: Medicine Bag - Create a Personal 'Good Vibrations' Kit

Inner Alchemy

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Inner Alchemy
Medicine Bag: Create a Personal ‘Good Vibrations’ Kit

Medicine Bag is the term used for a collection of personally meaningful items (or totems) which carry empowering energy patterns (or ‘medicine’) to support a purpose.
Just as a crystal or flower essence carries specific vibrations which can be applied for healing or other kinds of support, so medicine bag totems provide energetic support according to their vibrational intentions & meaning for you.

Over this easy creative & intuitive day you will create a medicine bag for your chosen purpose, and dedicate various totems with specific energies to provide supportive medicine for that.

You’ll have the opportunity to decorate and personalize your bag (or other container) in a short craft session, and then you will consecrate it (cleanse, bless & dedicate to purpose).
This will be followed by a range of activities for exploring & focusing totem medicine, including programming methods, intuitive techniques, guided meditation to receive totem gifts; and adding specific types of energies, such as crystal, flower, spirit guide, etc.
As we progress through the activities, you will learn about medicine bag support, how to apply it to your purpose, and how you can add new totems in the future.

Choosing a Purpose for the Medicine you Create
You will dedicate a specific purpose for your medicine bag, and all the different totem energies can each, in their own way, be applied to support that purpose.

Traditionally, a medicine bag held items to support one’s personal journey in life … with totems to embody inner qualities & strengths, to draw in the power of spirit guides, or to mark initiations and carry the power of those shifts into the future.
However, you can direct this energetic support towards anything you choose. It may be as broad as ‘your life in general’ or as specific as ‘your kitchen renovation’ or ‘your knee injury’ or ‘becoming a better listener’.
You may wish to support your inner growth or physical health, a relationship, a business or project, or a personal intention (like breaking a habit, or reaching a goal), or even an activity (like travelling or painting or taking a course of study).
You may wish to create a medicine bag for your child, your pet, or even your home or garden.

In this workshop, you’ll spend the day bringing together totems dedicated to a single purpose.   But, once you learn the processes involved, you’ll be able to create such personalized ‘medicine kits’ for other purposes yourself.

Medicine Bag

A Medicine Bag, Box or Other Container
Back when animal skins were the order of the day, a skin bag would have been used to contain the sacred items.   We still use the term ‘bag’, but your container can be anything which suits the purpose.

Your container could be a small or large bag (of any material), or a box, tin or jar of some sort. It could be a plastic tackle-box or a small bucket with a lid. You could use a small cupboard whose door opens to reveal a private altar displaying your items.   As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

The basic criteria are:
That you can seal it closed to protect your totems.
Choose something with a lid, tie, door, etc.
That it is something you see as special and sacred.
This doesn’t mean highly decorative, unusual or expensive. You can use a plain brown box if there’s something about it that appeals to you. The intention is simply that it somehow stands out in your mind as different, or ‘more special’ than the other two plain brown boxes in the kitchen filled with random odds & ends.
That it suits the items it is to contain.
For example, if you have items which are easily crushed, like a feather or a dried flower, then a solid container may be more suitable. Or, if you have a large stone you picked up on a walk, then you’ll need a larger bag or box. Generally, once you choose a container, you will intend that any new items coming into it suit the space, and the other items.
That it suits the purpose for which you use it.
For example, if you create a medicine bag for your car, then it needs to be mobile & compact – not a cupboard or large box.



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