Inner Child’s Garden Self-Healing CD

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Inner Child's Garden CD

a self-healing journey

Inner Child's Garden CD

The Inner Child’s Garden CD is a self-healing tool which guides the listener through a process of transformation in relation to a specific issue (defined at the beginning of the healing process).
The issue may be a physical illness, a mental or emotional state, an unresolved childhood (or adult) trauma, even a defeating belief system or habit pattern.
With an open mind, this healing process can be applied to many different kinds of imbalances and concerns.

The language is gender-specific, so there are two CD’s – one for males and one for females – which are exactly the same in every other way.

About the Inner Child’s Garden Healing Meditation

This meditation is an intuitive journey within, to commune with your inner child and learn what this vulnerable inner aspect of yourself most needs in order to heal and become joyous.   It is also a pathway by which you can access and re-program the limiting patterns of your subconscious mind.

The inner child represents the deep inner parts of your consciousness, that carry the patterns and memories of your childhood emotional experiences.
A child lacks the emotional maturity to process the unbalancing effects of the things that he or she experiences. To cope with these, the child evolves mental programs and patterns of behaviour, which serve as shields and safety nets, providing it with a sense of safety and stability when the world feels unsafe and unloving.
However, in your life as an adult, these patterns, programs and suppressed emotions, are usually no longer relevant or supportive to your life. In most cases, they create fear and limitation, bringing up challenges within relationships and inhibiting your joyous progress through life.

The Inner Child's Garden meditation creates a framework for self-healing, helping you forgive and heal past hurts, grief, guilt or fears that are blocking your growth, and discover (and begin to change) any self-limiting beliefs, stuck patterns, outmoded programs and habitual behaviours which no longer serve you.

Within this guided framework, you can connect with your inner self, to gain awareness and insight into a particular issue or emotion, in order to begin the healing process.
You can explore your inner child's private sanctuary and receive some insight into his or her inner needs at this present time in your life.
You can identify what issues have surfaced and are ready to be released, and gain an understanding of what you can offer your inner child so that you may begin to heal from these wounds.
You can also use this meditation to go within and become aware of your true desires and innermost needs, at any given time, and to explore choices, options and directions, when in a state of uncertainty or confusion.

A Self-Healing Tool

This CD is a tool that can be used by anyone who is prepared to be objective about their present state so that they can allow themselves to intuitively understand and accept their inner needs honestly.
Once a concern or issue has been identified, the listener needs simply to follow the steps through the self-healing session as guided.

The degree of benefit is equal to the degree that the listener chooses to engage with the process.
The CD allows for the fact that we are all different, with different needs and different levels of readiness to dig down into the hidden parts of ourselves.   If the listener prefers to keep it superficial, he or she will benefit superficially.   If there is a preparedness to go to the deeper, more confronting places, the benefit and release will be much greater.   There will be some level of benefit either way.

Just as with any other tool, using this guided process gets easier and more effective with practice. The more familiar and comfortable the listener becomes with the process, the more he or she will be able to achieve with it.

The process is interactive and the listener is required to self-monitor, engaging with each stage of the journey as fully as they feel they need to.
For this reason, each stage is created as a separate track, with a silent pause of several seconds between the tracks.   This allows the listener to know that a new stage is about to begin and to pause the CD if more time is needed to complete the current process.


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