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Whether Kathie uses herbal remedies or healing with spirit guidance or nutrition or books or a talk or whatever, she reawakens our own body’s intuitive healing powers and supports us through this journey.
Natalie, Vic, Australia

I feel blessed to have found you Kathie. You always seem to say
exactly the right thing.
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Books, Info & Articles

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   Beautiful Life
A practical guide to creating a more positive life experience. Understand the nature of perception, intention and presence. Explore practices for changing your experience, improving wellbeing, and creating a more positive outlook.

   Create Successful Change
A guide to navigating the process of change and creating purposeful changes in life. Understand the qualities which support your ability to move through difficult change with ease, and create effective goals to make successful changes in life.

   Co-Creative Spiritual Support
A practical guide to connecting with enlightened beings for support, comfort, guidance & direction. Discover the supportive qualities of angels, ascended masters, star system masters, gods & goddesses, archetypes, animal spirit guides, and elementals.

Books, Info & Articles

free information for enlightenment & health

personal development

   Self-Care: the foundation for a healthy, happy life

Discusses the importance of self-care and taking responsibility for the management of your health; and how this approach improves self-esteem and personal power.

   World is your Mirror pt1 ... Self-Esteem through Self-Reflection
Explores issues of self-image, self-esteem & self-acceptance; turning low self-esteem into healthy self-esteem and improving your sense of self-worth; releasing self-judgment, self-criticism and perfectionism; and the willingness to learn from mistakes and engage in self-review for personal growth & empowerment.

   The World is your Mirror pt2 ... The Gift of Criticism
Discusses how to give & receive constructive criticism and deal with your inner critic. Many see criticism as a put-down but, if offered with compassion and a loving spirit, criticism can be a wonderful catalyst for self-reflection & personal growth, professional development, better relationships, and achievement of goals.

health management

   Immunity, Inflammation & the Thymus Gland
Discusses the immune system and its role in your health & quality of life. Discover how to strengthen immunity and reduce inflammatory patterns through diet, nutrition, herbs, fasting, lifestyle improvements and attitude changes. Learn about how your attitudes & perceptions influence immunity, and the relationship of thymus gland energy to survival.

   Emotional Nutrition... Stress: feeling frayed, frazzled, falling apart?
Looks at the nature of stress and its impact on health; nutritional support for a stressful lifestyle; reducing oxidative stress, adrenal overload and inflammation; improving endurance & resilience, enthusiasm & mental clarity.

   Antisocial Odours
Discusses causes & remedies for body odour, bad breath & flatulence

energy & vibration

   Distant Healing

Article by Daniel J. Benor MD … reviews 61 studies into distant healing (in humans, animals, plants, bacteria, yeasts, cells in the laboratory, and DNA). Fascinating insights about energy medicine and integrative care are suggested by these studies.

   Picking up Good Vibrations pt 1: Information carried in Water
Explores the energetic adaptability of water; how we influence water with the information we give it, and how water influences us with the information it carries. Discusses the creation of vibrational essences and reviews the work of Dr Masaru Emoto with images showing the influence of different energies on the structure of water crystals.

   Picking up Good Vibrations pt 2: Healing with Water
Looks at ways to utilise the energetic adaptability of water to affect health & quality of life; energising water with intention for specific purposes; and improving the vitality and nourishing quality of your foods.

   Light & Colour: the electromagnetic spectrum
Discusses the nature of light, defines wavelength & frequency, breaks down the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to visible light to cosmic rays, and explores the way various electromagnetic frequencies are used in medicine and technology.

   Healing with the Rainbow
Describes various ways to use colour energies for healing and balance; how to choose the right colour, and how to apply colour and light through direct & indirect light, visualisation and intention, colour breathing, and solarisation.

   Creative Visualisation & Affirmation
Explores the use of creative visualisation, affirmation and intention, to change your mind, your health and your life. Learn about unconscious & automatic mental programs and habitual neural pathways, their development, how they influence your perceptions and behaviour, and how to re-program your ‘auto-pilot’.

   The Placebo Effect
Mind over Matter … Discusses our ability to generate healing within the body through intention and faith; research into the placebo effect and the surprising results this has uncovered; and the natural response of the body to meet the expectations of the mind.



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