Plant Medicine: Discover Nature’s Doctrine of Signatures - Reading Plant Energy for Healing

Plant Medicine

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Plant Medicine
Discover Nature’s Doctrine of Signatures
Reading Plant Energy for Healing

Ever wonder why you’re very attracted to certain plants or flowers, while others leave you indifferent?
Just like people, individual plants have their own ‘personality’ and energy signature, which is revealed by their appearance, chemical content, and growth dynamic.
Often, the plants you choose to have around you are those whose personality is a nice fit with yours and, just like a good friend, you benefit from their support on many levels.

This course teaches you to look at nature with new eyes, and discover the beautiful energetic healing qualities that plants have to offer you, to support body health, emotional-mental wellbeing, and energy field integrity.
Learn to observe details (like flower colour, leaf shape, root growth, etc), and how these come together to reveal a plant’s personality.   Use intuitive methods to explore plant energy signatures and subtle qualities.   Learn how to apply plant & flower energy for healing and other support.   Understand the essence of plant-awareness, and how this has become entangled with myth in the popular ‘doctrine of signatures’ and ‘language of flowers’.

Developing a relationship with plants, and an awareness of their personalities, is a lovely way of using plant medicine to support yourself, your children & friends, pets or home environment.   Plant energy is also a powerful tool which can be easily applied by therapists in energy healing work.

Both humans and animals have an in-born survival instinct for reading ‘signs’ in nature.
Through observation and intuitive exploration you can build on this common ancestral knowledge to further expand your awareness.
As you develop a more conscious relationship with nature, observing plants more closely, and noticing how they live, grow, change, and relate to one another, you will deepen your ability to recognise their qualities and effect on you.

You already do this quite naturally with each person you meet, making inferences about personality, mood, and how their company might affect you.   This happens so automatically, you may not recognise that you are observing their demeanour, posture & physical features, speech style, behaviour, style of dress, etc, while also unconsciously reading their energy signals.
By these same means, you can ‘read’ a plant, both physically and energetically, and observe how its particular personality influences you.

Doctrine of Signatures

Over the day, you’ll do a range of activities which teach you different ways of ‘looking’ at plants and gathering information from them, and help you get in touch with your own natural intuition.
You will also take a ‘garden tour’ for some practical observation of plants & flowers in their own environments.

We’ll do some historical ‘myth-busting’, reviewing well-known approaches to defining flower energy & plant personality.   Both the ‘doctrine of signatures’ (defining plant healing qualities), and the ‘language of flowers’ (sending messages with flowers) stem from the age-old practice of reading nature but, in becoming popularised, have lost touch with the essence of plant-awareness.

  • observing plant structure & appearance; healing patterns associated with colours, shapes (geometry & numbers), textures and specific features
  • observing growth dynamics & behavioural characteristics, and what these can tell you about a plant’s energy
  • intuitive methods for exploring plant energy personality and supportive qualities; inner journeying & plant communication
  • Doctrine of Signatures & Language of Flowers - history, myths and practical applications
  • energy dynamics (overview of human aura and plant energy consciousness); how plant energy can influence physical, mental-emotional, or energetic patterns, in people, animals and environments
  • applying plant energy for healing or other kinds of support; physical contact & proximity, intention healing, visualisation, invoking plant spirit


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