consult & counseling session
Consult & Counseling: a 1 hour session to address health issues, and/or intuitive counseling to explore your physical, emotional, spiritual, or lifestyle imbalances.
We’ll look at available options, treatments, and possible solutions, to find the best ways forward, and help you successfully make the changes you desire.
You also have the opportunity to express yourself and ‘get things off your chest’. This, in itself, can be very healing & liberating.
This session is all about helping you understand where you are, clarifying where you want to go, and finding the best way to get there.
Resolve acute & chronic illness; increase energy & vitality; reduce stress & anxiety patterns; release limiting beliefs & self-defeating behaviours; heal emotional pain; improve self-esteem, mood & perceptions of life; balance energy field, aura & chakra function; expand your spiritual being and re-connect with deeper purpose.
In-person or distant (via phone & skype).

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