combined consult plus energy healing
A combined Consult-Counseling plus Energy Healing 2.5hr session allows time for consulting on health issues, and/or intuitive counseling to explore your current concerns. This allows us to gain a clear understanding of associated imbalance patterns and identify the best focus for the energy healing session which follows, to have the greatest impact and help you move forward with balance & clarity.
In this extended session, we’ll explore available options, treatments, and possible solutions, to help you successfully make the changes you desire. The opportunity to express yourself and ‘get things off your chest’ allows energy blocks to begin to soften & release. The identified imbalances are then addressed with energy healing, incorporating a variety of tools & techniques (energy balance, clearing & integration; processes to support aura, chakras, meridians, and overall energy flow; Integrated Healing protocols; colour therapy; crystal healing; sound healing; affirmation & NLP; inner child & past-life exploration) as guided by your body & higher being, with support from angels & ascended guides. I work within your energy field’s holographic framework to shift limiting patterns and create a space for change. During the session, I also seek insights to help you understand your situation and move forward successfully.
Resolve acute & chronic illness; increase energy & vitality; reduce stress & anxiety patterns; release limiting beliefs & self-defeating behaviours; heal emotional pain; improve self-esteem, mood & perceptions of life; balance energy field, aura & chakra function; expand your spiritual being and re-connect with deeper purpose.
In-person or distant counseling & healing (via phone & skype).

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