animal healing
Animal Healing: a 1 hour session incorporating a short consult to discuss your pet’s health issues, followed by energy healing and other treatments as needed.
In the animal healing process I aim to understand the issue from your perspective, and also from the animal’s perspective; to identify any ongoing physical treatments (natural medicine, nutrition), energetic activities, or lifestyle changes, to aid integration of the healing process; and offer insights & suggestions as to how you can best care for your darling pet.
The healing is supported by nature intelligence, and I hold a space in which nature can work with the animal to create the necessary changes, and also guide me as to what healing work or treatment direction is most appropriate. I align all my work and intentions with the animal’s higher journey, and the animal’s own truth, even if this doesn’t always fit in with the owner’s desires.
Animals come in all shapes and sizes – each with a different story – so this basic framework may not always be appropriate, and I generally try to create individual arrangements based on the type of animal and its particular situation.
In-person or distant (via phone & skype).

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