intuitive reading
Intuitive Reading: a 1hr & 15min session which offers you intuitive guidance & insights into your questions and current concerns. You can explore a very specific situation, or look at one area of your life (such as career direction or relationships), or just get a general overview.
My intentions are to connect you with the truth of your spirit, and put you in touch with your higher needs and purpose; to shed light on your current concerns from the perspective of your higher spiritual purpose, and help you gain a clearer understanding; to receive insights and practical guidance intended to empower you and help you move forward with clarity and joy; to identify any directions or activities which will most support you at this time.
My intention is always for healing and change, rather than future prediction, as I feel that focusing on what kind of future you’d like to create, and receiving practical guidance on how you can most easily create this, is much more empowering.
In-person or distant (absent, phone or skype).

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