one-to-one training / instruction 2hr basic session
One-to-one Training & Personal Instruction: an opportunity for us to tailor a lesson specifically to your needs. Learn about techniques or topics which interest you, in the areas of health & healing and spiritual & personal growth, in an organised lesson or a free-flowing Q&A session. In a one-to-one session, it’s all about you, and you can learn exactly what you want to.
Any information I share in courses, articles or e-books, as well as techniques I use in my healing work, can be explored further in a personal instruction session. Basically, whatever I know, I’m happy to teach you. You can learn about energy healing, managing your energetic relationships, or deliberate creation; explore the use of specific healing tools such as essences or crystals; learn about weight loss and taking charge of your diet; learn to connect with spiritual support in a practical way; develop your intuitive skills; learn to balance the energy of your home environment; explore holistic methods to support your family or pets, and so on. Feel free to ask me about your specific area of interest.
The basic session is 2 hrs, with the option of 3 additional hrs (max 5hrs for a single session).
In-person or distant (via phone & skype).

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