Inner Alchemy - Medicine Bag

Medicine Bag is the term used for a collection of personally meaningful items (or totems) which carry empowering energy patterns (or ‘medicine’) to support a purpose.   Just as a crystal or flower essence carries specific vibrations which can be applied for healing or other kinds of support, so medicine bag totems provide energetic support according to their vibrational intentions & meaning for you.
Over this easy creative & intuitive day you will create a medicine bag for your chosen purpose, and dedicate various totems with specific energies to provide supportive medicine for that.
You’ll have the opportunity to decorate and personalize your bag (or other container) in a short craft session, and then you will consecrate it (cleanse, bless & dedicate to purpose).   This will be followed by a range of activities for exploring & focusing totem medicine, including programming methods, intuitive techniques, guided meditation to receive totem gifts; and adding specific types of energies, such as crystal, flower, spirit guide, etc.   As we progress through the activities, you will learn about medicine bag support, how to apply it to your purpose, and how you can add new totems in the future.

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