Plant Medicine - Reading Nature
Ever wonder why you’re very attracted to certain plants or flowers, while others leave you indifferent?
Just like people, individual plants have their own ‘personality’ and energy signature, which is revealed by their appearance, chemical content, and growth dynamic.
Often, the plants you choose to have around you are those whose personality is a nice fit with yours and, just like a good friend, you benefit from their support on many levels.
This course teaches you to look at nature with new eyes, and discover the beautiful energetic healing qualities that plants have to offer you, to support body health, emotional-mental wellbeing, and energy field integrity.   Learn to observe details (like flower colour, leaf shape, root growth, etc), and how these come together to reveal a plant’s personality.   Use intuitive methods to explore plant energy signatures and subtle qualities.   Learn how to apply plant & flower energy for healing and other support.   Understand the essence of plant-awareness, and how this has become entangled with myth in the popular ‘doctrine of signatures’ and ‘language of flowers’.
Developing a relationship with plants, and an awareness of their personalities, is a lovely way of using plant medicine to support yourself, your children & friends, pets or home environment.   Plant energy is also a powerful tool which can be easily applied by therapists in energy healing work.

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