Hearts Desire - Deliberate Creation
Understand why ‘wanting something to happen’ doesn’t always lead to ‘making it happen’, and why you can struggle to manifest brilliant plans, projects, and intentions for personal change. Become empowered to make practical positive changes in life, see your plans to fruition, and create more beautiful & satisfying experiences.
This course explores the Law of Attraction and universal principles of manifestation, how these influence the way your life unfolds, and how to align with these principles to improve the success of your endeavours. You will also learn how to create practical change with effective goals & planning strategies, and ways to focus energy into your intentions to encourage their positive unfolding.
Whatever you desire to change about your life or create in your future, you will be more empowered by understanding how you create your experiences and by learning how to be more deliberate and consciously involved in this creation process.

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