Energetic Integrity - Sacred Space
A healthy house is alive with dynamic energy flow and vitality. It supports your ability to maintain a positive head-space and functional aura from day to day, and provides subtle support for your future ‘becoming’ and the fulfilment of your desires. Learn how to turn your home, or any other environment, into a ‘sacred space’ which protects your wellbeing and nourishes your life.
This course teaches you to manage the energetic integrity of a house or other space, such as a healing centre, classroom, work-space, caravan, car or garden. Learn about different types of physical and energetic influences, like light, objects & décor, stagnant energy flow, EMF’s, geopathic zones, and charged experiences. Learn how to identify imbalances and clear undesirable energies. Discover how you can change the energetic ‘shape’ of a space, with colour & décor, furniture placement, intention and blessing, so that it is positively supports your health, your interactions with others, and the experiences you wish to create.

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