open amount
This is an open amount ‘add to cart’ link which you can use to make special payments for items or services which don’t already carry a product link on this site.
For example:
… supplements prescribed following a session
… tailor-made treatments (such as herbal & essence mixtures or creams)
… the balance due for courses & workshops if you’ve already paid a deposit
… services for which a special price has been arranged
This link can also be used for any other unspecified payment you may need to make.
When you go through the checkout, simply describe what the payment is for in the ‘comments’ text box of the Contact Details section, or send me an email.
The unit amount is set at $1.00 and you need to choose the number of units equal to the payment you want to make (for example, if you’re making a $50 payment, just choose 50 units).

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