Animal Healing Session

Animal Healing

Animal Healing

This is a 1 hour session which incorporates a short consult to discuss your pet’s health issues, along with energy healing (with the support & guidance of Nature Intelligence) and other treatments as needed.

Animals come in all shapes and sizes – each with a different story. The standard session is a basic framework that serves most regular situations. However, I generally create individual arrangements based on the type of animal and it’s particular situation.
Even if you are local, I don’t always have to work in-person with the animal. I like to meet your pet initially, but we may follow up later with distant sessions, or in-person sessions where I use your system to surrogate for the animal. If your pet is a ‘good traveller’ you may prefer to bring it along every time. Or we may arrange home visits, or alternate between distant and in-person sessions according to need.

There will also be some situations where the one hour time frame is not appropriate, such as in supporting your animal through surgery, or an unexpected trauma, or possibly even the death transition. In these cases, we will negotiate the most appropriate healing work, time frames, and fees, for the individual situation.

animal healing

My aims in this session are:
- to understand the issue from your perspective
- to understand the issue from the animal’s perspective
- to hold a space in which nature intelligence can work with the animal to create the necessary changes
- to be guided by nature, and by the animal, as to what healing work or treatment direction is most appropriate
- to identify any ongoing physical treatments, energetic activities or lifestyle changes, which will aid integration of the healing process
- to offer insights and suggestions as to how you can best support your pet
- to align all my work and intentions with the animal’s higher journey, and the animal’s own truth, even if this doesn’t always fit in with the owner’s desires

Please Note… I work with an animal’s physical & energetic processing, and do not diagnose ‘named diseases’.
If you want confirmation of a serious physical illness, such as cancer or kidney failure, then I suggest that you first obtain a proper medical diagnosis.
Following that, you can certainly incorporate my work as part of the animal’s treatment plan. If you feel that you’d rather not have the animal investigated or treated medically, this is your choice, and I can work with the animal regardless to support its natural process.
If you’re not sure which way to go, we can explore this with your pet.

Distant Sessions … I generally do distant animal healing as an absent session, and communication occurs before and after the session, via phone or skype. However, if you prefer to be present during the session, with or without the animal, you can do so via skype (voice or video).

Session Fees   [1hr]
In-person & Distant animal healing  $70  
ongoing sessions (fortnightly)  $60



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