Consult & Counseling plus Energy Healing Session

Combined Session

There have been times certainly, when identifying the issue has been difficult, but only because sometimes my mind is swimming and confused.
At moments like this Kathie is a master at identifying the issues and putting into words precisely what I have been unable to.
Once we get to the crux of the matter we work on an intention which will become the basis of my new way to approach a certain situation; a new frame of mind that can carry me into the future.

Natalie, Vic, Australia


Consult & Counseling  plus  Energy Healing   combined session

This is a 2 & 1/2 hour session, which combines both discussion of the issues and energy work.  
The first hour is devoted to exploration of your physical or emotional problems, and counseling if needed (see details & aims for the ‘consult & counseling’ session), and the remaining hour and a half is devoted to healing work (see details & aims for the ‘energy healing’ session).
A combined session allows us to fully explore your concerns and better understand associated imbalance patterns. It gives us time to explore available options, treatments, and possible solutions, and consider your options for change. It also helps us gain a very clear understanding of where the focus of healing should be placed, in order to have the greatest impact and help you move forward in the most powerful way.

This is a good choice for your first session with me, if you're seeking mainly energy work, as it gives me a chance to become familiar with your history and issue/s, and allows us to get a lot more from your energy healing session. We can then continue later with energy healing-only sessions, if that's your preference.

If you’re working through something over several sessions, you may find that a combined session suits you perfectly and you select it each time, or you may find that sometimes you only feel the need for further energy work, or you only want to explore a new layer more deeply through discussion & counseling.   As you move forward, you can select your next session according to what you need most at the time.

combined consult & energy healing

Distant Combined Session … This occurs via phone or skype (voice / video) and incorporates consult & counseling for the first hour, followed by the distant energy healing over the next hour and a half.

Session Fees   [2 & 1/2 hr]
In-person combined counseling plus energy healing  $200   [concession / kids  $170] 
ongoing sessions (fortnightly)  $180   [concession / kids  $150]


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