Consult & Counseling Session

Consult & Counseling

Consult & Counseling

This is a 1 hour session which focuses on discussion and practical exploration of your issues and concerns.  
In this session, we can address physical health problems, explore personal issues and life challenges, or discuss your future plans and the best way to achieve them.
Here, you have an opportunity to express yourself and ‘get things off your chest’ which, in itself, can be very healing and liberating. 
At the same time, we will explore available options and possible solutions, to find the best ways forward, and help you successfully make the changes you desire.

You may require only counseling, and an opportunity to unburden, create new goals and see your life from a different perspective. Or you may benefit from learning more effective ways for dealing with certain difficult situations in your life. Or maybe some herbal or nutritional support is needed for your physical condition. Or there may be certain dietary or lifestyle changes you can make to support healing & change.
This session is all about understanding where you are, clarifying where you want to go, and finding the best way to get there.

I feel that, in most cases, the best results are obtained when you incorporate both counseling and energy work into your healing journey. They enhance one another.
Exploring the issue/s consciously, through counseling, helps you gain greater awareness into the reasons this situation has developed, and be empowered to make practical changes in your life to avoid recurrence. This conscious awareness of your situation, and the outer changes you make, all serve to strengthen the integration of shifts initiated by energy healing work. This is especially true if you’re working through chronic (long-term) physical problems, emotional issues, and complicated life circumstances.

consult & counseling session

My aims in this session are:
- to gain a clear understanding of your ‘story’… your health history, and the life experiences associated with development of the current issue/s
- to help you step out of ‘confusion’, and find clarity and fresh perspectives in relation to your concerns
- to identify the deeper underlying patterns & causes

- to bring in spiritual guidance and insight, where appropriate, to help expand your understanding of the current situation
- to explore the most appropriate options and define a direction for healing and change, incorporating such support as natural medicines, nutrition, lifestyle & behavioural changes, self-awareness & personal development activities, or energy healing

Where the path to improvement is complex and challenging, I can assist by creating a personalised plan for change, incorporating well-defined goals in small easy steps, along with supportive information and personal activities, to help you make sustainable positive changes over time ... see
Practical Change-Plans

Distant Sessions … Consult & Counseling is also available via phone & skype in a 1 hour session.

Session Fees   [1 hr]
In-person & Distant consulting / counseling  $90   [concession / kids  $75]  
ongoing sessions (fortnightly)  $80   [concession / kids  $65]



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