Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing

 Today divine kathie, I feel fabulous; really, really well, thank you, thank you, thank you
Stephen, Germany

I had my thyroid levels checked, which you know were last checked about 3 months ago. They have been pretty level, and sometimes dropping, for a while now.
When I went back for the results, guess what? My thyroid hormones were up, and I need to take less Thyroxine as a result.
If anything, I usually need more, so I do believe the healings with you have made a difference.
It’s great news!

Tina, New Zealand

Energy Healing

This is a 1 & 1/2 hour session devoted entirely to working energetically, with your particular issue, through the holographic framework of your being.
The main focus is on energy healing and includes only a short 15 minute consult, initially, to define the focus for healing.
While you may receive guidance and insights during the course of the healing, the session doesn’t really allow time for a conscious exploration and discussion of the issue/s.   If you feel this is desired, then I suggest you book a separate consult & counseling session to explore the issue further (for greater clarity, insight, guidance and direction, from a practical perspective), or choose a combined counseling plus energy healing session (for both exploration and energy work).

The healing session incorporates a variety of tools & techniques as guided by your body & higher being at the time, with the support of angels & ascended guides.
My methods include:  intentional & intuitive energy balance, clearing & integration;  healing processes to support aura, chakras, meridians, and overall energy flow;  Integrated Healing protocols;  colour therapy;  crystal healing;  sound healing;  affirmation & NLP;  inner child & past-life exploration.
I work within your energy field’s multi-dimensional hologram to shift imbalances & limiting patterns, and create a space for change. During the session, I also seek insights to help you understand your situation and see a way to move forward, as well as identifying appropriate ongoing physical treatments, energetic activities or lifestyle changes, which will aid complete integration of the changes initiated by the healing process.

energy healing session

My aims in this session are:
- to identify the focus for healing and create goals which define the intended outcome of the healing process
- to work with your system energetically, in a multi-dimensional way, and use whatever healing methods are most appropriate as guided by your own body and higher being
- to receive information and insight into the issue/s, when your conscious awareness of this information is necessary as part of the healing process
- to support your system through the healing process, in whatever way is most appropriate, so that it can sustain the changes you’ve asked for (as defined by the goals for healing)
- to identify any ongoing physical treatments, energetic activities or lifestyle changes, which will aid complete integration of the changes initiated by the healing process

Distant Sessions … Distant energy healing sessions can occur in two ways. You can be present for the session via skype (voice or video), just as you would be in-person, or you can ‘go about your business’ while I do the healing work without interacting with you during the session. For the latter option, we make contact before the session to ascertain the issue & intentions, and again after the session for a de-brief, to share insights and guidance for integration.

Session Fees   [1 & 1/2 hr]
In-person & Distant energy healing  $120   [concession / kids  $100]  
ongoing sessions (fortnightly)  $105   [concession / kids  $85]


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