Intensive Session


Intensive Session

This is a 3 & 1/2 hour ‘open’ session which journeys deep into a particular theme or issue, and allows for intensive exploration and healing.   
It can be used to address a single issue or personal goal in detail and with intense focus, or to work with ‘the big picture’ of your current life situation.

The way we choose to work in this session is entirely open.
You may specifically select the types of things you want to do during this session, or you can leave it open to ‘see what comes up’ as most appropriate to your current focus.   In most cases, some time will be allowed for counseling and discussion.
For example, you may choose to have counseling + intuitive reading + energy healing. Or you may choose to focus the entire session on intensive energy work, or intensive counseling. Or you might like to have an intuitive ‘brainstorming session’, for insight, goal creation, and problem-solving, in relation to a dream you want to realise. Or we may incorporate other activities, such as guided meditation, or past-life exploration, or a bit of one-to-one training.  
It’s wide open. We go where we are guided within the framework of your preferences.

intensive healing

My aims in this session are:
- to create a safe, nurturing space for deep exploration and healing, with the time and freedom to move in whatever direction we are guided, according to your particular needs
- to meet the aims of the particular type of work we’re doing (as described under individual service headings)
- to help you leave the session with a new perspective on your life, a clear plan for change, and a range of ‘tools’ to support you, as you initiate the changes for your new direction

This session is available in-person only.

Session Fees   [3 & 1/2 hr]
In-person intensive healing session  $280   [concession / kids  $250]



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