Intuitive Reading Session

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Reading

This is a 1hr & 15min session which offers you intuitive guidance and insights in relation to your questions or current issues. You can explore a very specific situation, or look at one area of your life (such as career direction or relationships), or just get a general perspective on where you’re at and where you want to go.
In the reading, I use a variety of guidance cards to create a focus and then allow additional information to flow in as it comes up.

My aims for these readings are:
- to connect you with the truth of your spirit, and put you in touch with your higher needs and purpose
- to shed light on your current questions / concerns from the perspective of your higher spiritual purpose, and help you gain a clearer understanding of your current situation
- to receive insights and practical guidance, which are intended to empower you and help you move forward with clarity and joy
- to identify any directions or activities which will most support you at this time

My intention is always for healing and change, rather than future prediction.
I believe that our future is never set. Every choice you make, and every step you take, changes the shape of your future life.   I feel that any future ‘predictions’ you receive may only be relevant for 'the next 10 minutes', and so this approach is fairly fruitless.
I also believe that it can be dis-empowering, by causing you to give up the freedom to choose your own directions.  
If you’ve locked yourself into the idea that you are destined to marry a dark-haired lover, you may ignore the kind-hearted red-head who is prepared to adore you and make you feel like a god/dess, simply because they don't fit the picture. Then you may meet your dark-haired lover who gives you ten years of misery because you’re unnecessarily living out some repeated past-life pattern.
It is never as simple as it seems.

I totally believe in destiny, but only from the perspective that a choice you make today writes the story of your future in the context of that choice. This story is your destiny, at this time.   As soon as you make another choice, you alter your direction and the ‘story’ is revised, creating a new destiny based on where you stand now.   So, what you are destined to do, be, have, or experience, is constantly changing.
I feel that focusing on what kind of future you’d like to create, and receiving practical guidance on how you can most easily create this, is the best use of our time and your money, so my readings always take this approach.

intuitive reading

Options for your Reading:

In-person or Distant 'present' reading
You are present during the reading, either with me physically, or connected via phone or skype (voice/video).
You have the opportunity to ask additional questions in relation to what comes up in the course of the reading.
I make no records of this reading, but you are welcome to record it in your own way if you want to.

Distant ‘absent’ reading
For this, we still book an appointment for the reading. In preparation, you can email me your questions and describe the general areas or issues you want the reading to explore.
I do the reading for you at the set time, and then send you a typed copy of it by email or paper post, within the following 2 weeks.
The blessing of the ‘absent’ reading is that you have a written record of the information, which you can re-read and reflect on as you move forward. The draw-back is that you don’t have any additional questions answered at the time of the reading. However, I usually try to further explore the things that come up (from the perspective of what you’ve written in your email) and generally find that most of the ‘extra questions’, which you might have asked, do get answered anyway.

Session Fees   [1hr & 15min]
In-person & Distant Intuitive Reading   …   $100


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