One-to-One Training & Instruction Session


One-to-One Training & Personal Instruction

The basic training / instruction session runs for 2hrs, with extra time added in 1 hour blocks (to a maximum of 5hrs per sitting).

Any of the information I share in my courses, articles or books, can be explored further in a personal instruction session.   There may also be something I use in my healing work, which interests you, but isn’t covered in one of the courses.   Basically, whatever I know, I’m happy to teach you.

Here are a few suggestions, just to give you an idea, but feel free to ask me about your specific area of interest.   
Learn how to:

- take charge of your diet and understand practical nutrition
- exercise for physical & energy field health
- support the health of your loved ones or animals or plants or home in a holistic way
- create your own guided visualisations for specific purposes
- set yourself up in business and establish a practice
- develop intuitive skills and explore techniques to receive higher guidance
- understand your energy field, and work with energy for healing & balance
- use healing tools such as essences, colour and crystals
- connect with spiritual supporters in a practical way
- help your kids connect with their angels and the 'magic of life'
- create clear & effective goals to make things happen
- explore deliberate creation and manifestation
- use ceremony to focus intentions
- apply space clearing and managing the energy of your home environment
- create a healing space
- work with nature intelligence to create balance in personal & business projects
and so on

This is an opportunity for you to tailor a lesson specifically to your own needs, and receive one-to-one training in the techniques or topics which interest you.   While learning in a group can be a wonderful experience, it doesn’t really allow the time for focusing, in great detail, on your specific areas of interest, nor for having your ‘20 questions’ answered in a way that relates to your individual needs or purpose.
In a one-on-one session, it’s all about you, and you can learn exactly what you want to.

one-to-one training & instruction session

You can give me a list of the specific topics, or techniques, you want to learn, and I can structure a lesson to cover those things.   Or you may have only a vague idea about your area of interest, in which case you can have question & answer session to gain an initial understanding.   You may then find that you have a particular leaning towards something specific and we can explore that in more detail.

In these sessions, you will receive handouts (if relevant) associated with the information we cover, but I recommend that you bring a notebook so that you can make your own notes.
As with my workshops, any products you may purchase are discounted 20%.

Choosing your session length
My intention for these sessions is to answer your specific questions on a topic or provide training in the area of your choice.
Often you won't know exactly what you need to ask until we are rolling with the session, and the direction it will take isn't clear cut. As such, it can be difficult to know exactly how much time you should allow
for your particular needs.
 I’ve found that the basic 2hr session allows a reasonable amount of time for basic Q&A and, if your intention is simply to have a series of questions answered, this is usually a suitable length. 
Sessions which focus on specific training in a particular area, especially with the use of practical techniques, tend to require more time (unless you are learning only one or two specific techniques).

I recommend that you contact me, first, to discuss your needs and assess the amount of time that will be most suitable. However, you can always book a basic session, to begin with, and follow-up later if more time is needed. Or simply extend the session as we progress (if I don’t have a prior booking to follow yours).

If you want to book more than 2 hours, first select the basic 2 hr session, and then use the ‘additional time’ cart link to select the number of extra hours you’d like to add to the basic session (max 3). The maximum total time for a single session is 5 hours, split into 2 blocks by a rest break.

Distant Sessions … Distant training & instruction is also available via phone or skype (voice or video), and you can remain in the comfort of your own space while you learn. In many situations, I’ve found this to be a bonus, as it allows you to apply the practical information in your own environment and practice techniques with your own ‘tools & accessories’, while still having the support of my supervision and guidance.

Session Fees
In-person or Distant one-to-one instruction / training   ...   basic 2 hr session  $110   ...   extra time (in 1hr blocks)  $45

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