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To help meet your needs, I offer therapeutic sessions (consulting & treatment, energy healing, counseling, animal healing) as well as information & guidance sessions (intuitive readings, one-to-one teaching), in a variety of session options and fees.

My services are available both in-person, and distant via phone and skype (voice or video).   You can visit the Distant Counseling & Healing page for more specific information about phone & skype sessions.

I understand that it can be a bit confusing when you feel you need to ‘do something’ about your situation but don’t really know what type of session would be most appropriate.
Each session type is described here to help you gauge what will suit you best.   If you're still unsure after viewing these,
contact me and we can work it out together.

If you are a first-time client looking for therapeutic support, I recommend beginning with the 1hr consult option. If you’re seeking energy healing, then the combined ‘consult/counseling plus energy healing’ option may be preferred.
The discussion time provided by this initial consult helps me get to know you, gain a clear understanding of your current issue/s and the history of their evolution, and determine the most appropriate treatment and/or healing direction for you.
It will also allow you to get to know me, decide if I’m the right therapist for you and, hopefully, develop a degree of trust in my support of you. The more safe, comfortable and accepted you feel, the more you’ll be able to relax and open to deeper healing, allowing yourself to lower protective barriers so more light can get in.

Of course, while this is my preferred process for initiating work with you, there is no requirement that you follow this suggestion. You may book an energy healing-only session straight up, or begin with any other session, according to your own desire.

View information about each session by selecting the relevant link from the list above.

Once you’ve decided what kind of session you’d like to have, contact me by phone or email to book an appointment.
Select the appropriate ‘add to cart’ link, from the options in the right-hand column, to pay for your session. If you’re seeing me in-person, you can also pay the fee when you attend your appointment.

Please read the section further down on  ‘Accessing My Services’, for practical information about session times, locations, bookings & cancellations, and the general terms of my practice.


My sessions with Kathie, as I’ve needed support over the years, have resulted in life changes that will remain with me forever.  I seem to go to work on a particular thing, and soon enough I feel sufficiently “calmed” that all my worries seem to fall away. 
I don’t think I can remember a particular session of healing that was a pivotal moment.  With this kind of self-exploration, healing seems to come on stealthily with integration revealing itself slowly over time. 
I do however, remember how my life was in the beginning of my work with Kathie.  I was totally lost and felt very, very alone.  I had no boundaries, I believed I was the most unlovable person in the world – not even God could love me, no self-confidence and obviously had very low self-esteem.  It was no wonder I needed a helping hand to lift me up out of that state of mind. 

Kathie’s gentle and down to earth approach put me at ease immediately - but more than that, when you approach a personal issue without judgment it is much easier to take responsibility, and get on with the changes you need to make.  Kathie allows this to happen.  There has not been a moment in my work with Kathie that I have felt scared or worried to say where my troubles lie for fear of judgment.  Kathie seems to somehow take the sting out of it. 
There have been times certainly, when identifying the issue has been difficult, but only because sometimes my mind is swimming and confused.  At moments like this Kathie is a master at identifying the issues and putting into words precisely what I have been unable to.  Once we get to the crux of the matter we work on an intention which will become the basis of my new way to approach a certain situation; a new frame of mind that can carry me into the future. 
For this work to be successful it takes a clear-thinking, intelligent mind along with a loving heart and willingness to help other people.  Kathie has these attributes in spades and is, without a doubt, doing the work she was put on this earth to do.
Kathie helped me find the courage that was missing from my life and the self-love to act in my best interest.  She allowed me the space to recognize that I needed to listen to my heart, with opportunities to practice this, and when it counted most she was there for me, holding me strong.
I am a different person now.  I now know that how I feel and what I think are important, and how important it is to listen to my heart and that it will never steer me wrong. 
Everything I experience with Kathie is uplifting.  She seems to exude the inner knowledge that we are all OK, we all have help when required, we just need to ask for it.
Overall the greatest message I have received is that we do have the answers within us.  Whether Kathie uses herbal remedies or healing with spirit guidance or nutrition or books or a talk or whatever, she reawakens our own body’s intuitive healing powers and supports us through this journey.

Natalie, Vic, Australia


Accessing My Services

Practice Locations:   Blackwood (country Victoria, an hour west of Melbourne)

Practice Hours:   Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday … by appointment only
I am flexible with my hours (and days, under special circumstances) to accommodate your work & family schedules.

Distant Sessions:   All services are available via phone & skype, except the Intensive Healing sessions (in-person only). Please read the FAQ’s on the Distant Counseling & Healing page for more info about this. To accommodate the time difference for international clients, I reserve early mornings & evenings (my time) for distant sessions, and am flexible with choice of days.

Session Fees:   Each session type has its own specific fee, listed with the session descriptions below.   All prices listed on this site are in Australian Dollars (AU$).
concession rate …    All children aged 16 & under receive the concession rate.   It is also available to pensioners, people on sickness or unemployment benefits, and full-time students.   Please notify me in advance if you want to claim a concession, and present your concession card/proof when you attend for your session, or email / post a copy if you are having a distant session.

Booking an Appointment:   You can contact me by phone or email to book an appointment. 
If you’re seeing me in-person, you can pay the fee when you attend your appointment, or you can pay in advance by selecting the appropriate ‘add to cart’ link, from the session options in the right-hand column on this page.
Distant sessions must be paid for in advance. Any tentative appointment times for distant sessions will not be not be secured until payment is made.

Changes & Cancellations:   Please give me at least 48hrs notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment.
Giving less than 48hrs notice will attract a short-notice cancellation fee (50% of your session fee), except under truly extreme circumstances, so please be considerate and make any booking changes as soon as you become aware of your need to do so.
Please contact me by phone to make appointment changes. Leave a message if I’m not available. I check phone messages twice daily, so will be certain to receive your message in time to re-organise.
International clients can use email, but please try to allow me plenty of time as I’m not always able to get through all my emails on a regular basis.
Do Not use skype messaging to change or cancel appointments. I only access this when preparing for a distant session.



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