LoveLight Herbal Skin Cream

Skin Support

LoveLight Herbal Skin Cream
a combination of natural
Herbal Extracts & Essences
in an aqueous cream base

Calendula extract
Calendula officinalis

Antiseptic and can help speed the
skin's normal healing processes,
encouraging more complete healing
and reduction of scarring.

Comfrey extract
Symphytum officinale

Encourages accurate cell division,
tissue healing, and restoration of
skin to its optimum state.

Chamomile extract
Matricaria camomilla

Calming and soothing for sensitive,
chafed and irritated skin.

St John’s Wort extract
Hypericum perforatum

Can help reduce skin sensitivity
and calm over-reactions to
external irritants.

Rosehips extract
Rosa canina

Supplies nutrients for collagen
development and tissue repair.

Dog Rose essence
Helps release fear energy
from tissues, allowing a more
balanced healing process.

Fringed Violet essence
Helps re-balance auric tissue
damage after trauma and injury.

Mulla Mulla essence
Encourages the release heat
and radiation from tissues,
and can be especially helpful
to soothe and speed up healing
of burns and rashes.

Old Man Banksia essence
Supportive for dry skin. Increases
energy & enthusiasm in tissues to
help them heal and enable them
to cope with damage & trauma.

Sap essence
Seals, and brings containment
to damaged tissues at the
energetic levels, encouraging
physical healing & repair.

She Oak essence
Can help alleviate symptoms of
dehydration by balancing dry skin
energetically, and has a beneficial
effect on aging skin in general.


LoveLight Herbal Skin Cream

Supports healing of skin injury and illness
Antiseptic & healing for minor cuts and scrapes, as well as for more serious wounds and surgical scars.
Soothing for rashes, allergies, and sensitive skin reactions, as well as for chafed, tired, and irritated skin.
Cooling, antiseptic and soothing for minor burns, and especially lovely for sunburn.

Everyday use nourishes the skin, safely and gently
Moisturising cream for dry and ageing skin.
Beautiful for use on the face, including the sensitive areas around the eyes.
Great for moisturising the hands, absorbed completely, leaving no oily residue.
Replenishes skin after harsh or drying activities like washing, gardening, shaving, etc.

Heals at the auric level
The healing influence of this cream extends into the Etheric subtle energy body, vibrationally balancing the skin tissue at the etheric levels, allowing a much deeper healing support.

This cream contains only functional ingredients, with no added scents or colours.
Its scent and pale earthy colour come naturally from the herbal extracts it contains.

Suggestions for Use

your body will tell you how often to apply
Applying this cream is like taking a ‘dose’ of medicine. In this case, the medicine is the liquid herbal extracts and essences which are carried in the base cream. The aqueous base cream is inert and, aside from a slight moisturising effect, the body has no real use for it.
Unlike internal medicines, which are absorbed through the digestive system and move right through the body, these extracts are absorbed through the skin, into the underlying tissues, and exert their influence locally.
The surface area for absorption is limited, so you can’t really give one big dose and be done with it. The cream should be applied repeatedly, until the body has as much as it needs (ie. maximum dose at that time).
Your body will show you when it is ready for the next dose, by how quickly it absorbs the herb-essence ingredients. Once the extracts have been fully absorbed, it’s time to give those tissues some more.
When the need is very urgent, you may find that, as you rub the cream it into an area, it changes quickly from creamy brown to white. This tells you that your body is sucking up the liquid herbal extracts and essences (brown) with urgent enthusiasm, leaving behind the inert base cream (white). If the skin is dry, the base cream will often be absorbed just as quickly. But if, occasionally, you are left with only white cream on the skin surface, simply wipe that off and apply another dose of useful ingredients.
At some later stage, after applying the cream repeatedly at intervals, this will change. The cream will retain its browny colour for longer and take more time to be fully absorbed, indicating that the tissues have enough ‘medicine’ for now to be going on with. Then you simply reduce the frequency of applications, re-applying after a longer period of time, according to your body’s need.

general skin nourishment
This cream is gentle enough to be used as a regular skin nourisher and moisturiser, on the face and other sensitive body areas. It is also safe for young skin.
I find that once or twice a day on the face is lovely for general moisturising. And a single application on the hands after a washing or gardening session is enough to re-nourish the skin.

The antiseptic ingredients in this cream can cause an initial ‘sting’ on deeper cuts or raw chaffed skin. This lasts only momentarily before the soothing effect kicks in. While an adult will barely notice this, it may be unpleasant for young children, who are generally less tolerant, so please bear this in mind when using the cream for your child.
Be particularly considerate when using it for baby nappy rash. It can be soothing and supportive for a mild rash where the skin surface isn’t broken; but if the skin is severely chaffed, it might cause initial discomfort for the infant.

rashes, irritations & sensitive skin
You’ll always need to consider what is causing irritable or inflamed skin before deciding on the best treatment approach.
In most cases, however, this cream can be used symptomatically to soothe the skin and reduce inflammatory heat, while you address the causes.

eczema and psoriasis
Eczema & Psoriasis usually have a genetic component and a dietary influence, so the tendency for an ‘outbreak’ when you or your skin are under stress requires more complex internal healing, but you can tend to the symptomatic expression using external creams.
Eczema can open up quite deep cracks in the skin, with either dryness or weeping. This is often accompanied by minor infection which prevents the raw skin from healing up again. You can apply the cream for its antiseptic and nourishing qualities while the eczema is present. Even when the skin is ‘well’, I recommend using the cream daily, in a preventative manner, particularly on the hands or face, to potentially reduce the frequency and severity of new outbreaks.
My suggestions for eczema also apply for Psoriasis. I have personal experience with this and find that, while the cream doesn’t ‘cure’ the psoriasis, it does help to reduce the severe crusting and irritation. Occasionally, the signs of a ‘new patch’ will begin to appear on a knee or elbow and, if I begin to apply the cream immediately, these usually subside without developing further.

general broken skin, cuts & grazes
Minor cuts, damage, and small grazes can generally take care of themselves, but you may want to use a single application of the cream as an antiseptic and to help kick-start the healing process.
For bigger skin tears, cuts and grazes, use repeated applications of the cream (after initially cleaning out the wound), allowing the speed at which the herbs are absorbed to indicate when it’s time for another application.
For bleeding wounds, a firm-pressure band-aid or dressing will be required. In this case, you can apply the cream to the wound, and also add a liberal amount to the bandage so you don’t need to re-dress the wound as often. The extra cream will be absorbed into the tissues as needed.

deep wounds, surgical cuts & stitches
Large and dirty wounds should always receive medical attention for proper cleansing, to assess the need for antibiotic treatment, and to receive stitches if necessary.
Once these things are taken care of, you can then apply the cream at regular intervals during the healing period.

Be aware with stitches … I’ve found, from personal experience, that the skin tissues do seem to seal up more quickly. You will need to take this into account if a wound has been stitched. If the stiches are dissolvable, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, if the stitches need to be removed, then you may have to keep an eye on things and return to have the stitches removed sooner than initially recommended. Or, if unsure, you can wait until the stiches are out before beginning to use the cream to support the final healing process.

burns & sunburn
Burns, including sunburn, continue to generate heat and inflammation within the tissues, which can dry out the affected skin quite a lot and damage the tissues further.
I recommend repeated applications of the cream as often as necessary in the early stages, to soothe the skin, continue the cooling process and help keep moisture in the tissues (to reduce further damage). As soon as an application of cream is fully absorbed, and the skin begins to feel sore and tight, apply it again. You will find that, gradually, the time between applications becomes longer, as the skin cools and normalises.
Once everything settles down, you can then apply the cream 2 or 3 times a day for the ongoing healing period.

Always cool a burn with clean tepid running water for several minutes (up to 20 mins if needed), before beginning to apply the cream and/or dressing.
Always seek medical attention for deep burns or burns that cover a wider area of skin, as fluid loss and the potential for infection are serious risk factors. Following medical treatment, once the trauma stage is passed, you can then begin to apply the cream regularly.



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