Soul Growth Journey: A Voyage of Self-Discovery through the Chakra System

Chakra Balance

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Soul Growth Journey
A Voyage of Self-Discovery through the Chakra System

A transformational, enlightening experience of healing and personal growth, over 9 monthly sessions, birthing a new you with a more balanced and empowered approach to life.

Within a framework of self-discovery through the chakra system, this series provides training in energy field (aura) anatomy, chakra healing techniques, and intuitive processes for inner exploration.
Identify and heal imbalances in your chakra-process to release limiting patterns and clear energy blocks which are creating physical, mental & emotional problems in your life, or preventing you from living in integrity with your inner truth.

The Soul Growth Journey presents an opportunity to reflect on, and gain new insights into yourself, your perceptions, your life and directions, your relationships and interactions with others, and your deeper needs & desires.
The more you can release what is holding you back, the more freely and joyously you can move forward.

As this journey progresses, you have an opportunity to become more present and self-aware, and take charge of your life experiences; improve your relationship boundaries and dynamics; develop greater self-esteem, self-respect and confidence; open your heart further for both giving and receiving; strengthen personal will and intention for more purposeful living; open to your creative power and intuition; and connect with your deeper spiritual truth & Divine will.

Healing & change can be exciting and uplifting. It need not be serious hard work.
This is a journey of light-hearted self-exploration, allowing healing shifts to occur naturally, through ‘light-bulb’ moments and new perspectives, and through a supportive environment of shared purpose.

Soul Growth Journey

Each session will focus on an individual chakra: Earth Star chakra, Base (Root) chakra, Sacral chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Third Eye chakra, Crown chakra, and Soul Star chakra.
For each chakra, you will learn about its processing functions, and how these influence (and are influenced by) your thoughts, perceptions, choices & actions, and the experiences you manifest.

Much like having a healing session, you will explore the ‘stories’ you hold within each chakra, related to your physical health, and emotional-mental experience.
You will engage in creative, intuitive, and energy activities to heal imbalances, release limiting patterns, and develop a more empowered relationship with those aspects of your life.

  • aura field & chakra system overview
  • intuitive methods for functional chakra diagnostics
  • intuitive methods to gain insight into personal strengths & weaknesses associated with each chakra, identify limiting beliefs & perceptions, and how you can create positive change
  • healing techniques and processes for chakra balance & energy flow, inner growth and consciousness expansion, including energy healing processes, intention, guided visualisation, healing tools & energies (crystals, colour vibration, essences, etc), and spirit support

You will also be provided with additional (optional) activities and suggestions to continue your own healing journey and personal exploration over each month between sessions.



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