book - Co-Creative Spiritual Support

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Co-Creative Spiritual Support

a practical guide to connecting with enlightened beings
for support, comfort, guidance and direction

Access energetic support to heal & change, achieve goals, create wonderful life experiences.
Discover the supportive qualities of angels, ascended masters, star system masters,
gods & goddesses, archetypes, animal spirit guides, and elementals.
Learn to request help, receive guidance, develop a relationship with soul / higher self.

The cosmic realms offer a huge range of enlightened consciousness patterns which continually support humanity’s evolution, and are also there to help you create a more beautiful and joyous life for yourself.
This book provides a reference of the different types of supportive energies available in the spiritual realm, and offers a practical approach for accessing support and insight from these patterns. It details the helpful qualities of a variety of Angels, Ascended Masters, Star System Masters, Gods & Goddesses, Archetypes & Mythical Identities, Animal Spirit Guides, and Elementals, and also discusses Higher Self / Soul Consciousness and Nature Intelligence.

You can call on these wonderful consciousness patterns to help you release fears, and provide comfort and peace, or for more practical help to create success in any area of life.
You can receive support and guidance to help you heal your inner and outer life, achieve your goals & desires, improve relationships, develop a meaningful career path, as well as all those little things in-between … set up a small business, find your lost pet, resolve a legal problem, create a beautiful home environment, keep your car running, find the right words to say to someone, plan a holiday, get the bills paid, bless a meal, decide when to sell your house, or just have a lovely joyful week!

Topics explored in the text:
… the benefits of connecting with spirit
… practical suggestions on ways to connect with spirit and request support
… the co-creative relationship and human free will
… belief versus proof
… the vibrational nature of spiritual beings
… how energetic support is received and how it influences your system and your life
… practical suggestions on ways to receive intuitive guidance & insight
… developing a relationship with your soul consciousness / higher self
… the angelic realm
… the ascended masters
… star system masters
… gods & goddesses from a range of cultures & belief systems
… archetypal patterns
… animal spirit guides
… elementals & nature spirits
… developing a co-creative partnership with nature intelligence
… guides and guardian angels
… deceased spirit guides

It is a beautiful thing to feel that you’re never alone … to be comforted by loving energies … to have an endless supply of strength and wisdom at your asking … to create the life you desire through intention and vibrational resonance … to be empowered through co-creative partnership with spirit.
You have an abundance of loving, unconditional support available to you, so why not make the most of it?


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