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Training Courses & Workshops

Training Courses   &   Workshops
All sessions are held in Blackwood, an hour's drive west of Melbourne,
in the heart of the lovely Wombat State Forest.

A brief description of current courses is listed below.
The 'more info' link will take you to the individual page for full details.

Training Courses & Workshops

  Soul Circle

Casual monthly group … Take some time-out to ‘go within’, hang out in your heart space and nourish your spirit, with conversation, exploration and meditation to expand your inner life.

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  Follow your Hearts Desire: Deliberate Creation & Practical Change

Understand why ‘wanting something to happen’ doesn’t always lead to ‘making it happen’, and why you can struggle to manifest brilliant plans, projects, and intentions for personal change.  Become empowered to make practical positive changes in life, see your plans to fruition, and create more beautiful & satisfying experiences.
This course explores the Law of Attraction and universal principles of manifestation, how these influence the way your life unfolds, and how to align with these principles to improve the success of your endeavours.
You will also learn how to create practical change with effective goals & planning strategies, and ways to focus energy into your intentions to encourage their positive unfolding.
Whatever you desire to change about your life or create in your future, you will be more empowered by understanding how you create your experiences and by learning how to be more deliberate and consciously involved in this creation process.

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  Plant Medicine: Discover Nature’s Doctrine of Signatures - Reading Plant Energy for Healing

Ever wonder why you’re very attracted to certain plants or flowers, while others leave you indifferent?
Just like people, individual plants have their own ‘personality’ and energy signature, which is revealed by their appearance, chemical content, and growth dynamic.   Often, the plants you choose to have around you are those whose personality is a nice fit with yours and, just like a good friend, you benefit from their support on many levels.
This course teaches you to look at nature with new eyes, and discover the beautiful energetic healing qualities that plants have to offer you, to support body health, emotional-mental wellbeing, and energy field integrity.   Learn to observe details (like flower colour, leaf shape, root growth, etc), and how these come together to reveal a plant’s personality.   Use intuitive methods to explore plant energy signatures and subtle qualities.   Learn how to apply plant & flower energy for healing and other support.   Understand the essence of plant-awareness, and how this has become entangled with myth in the popular ‘doctrine of signatures’ and ‘language of flowers’.
Developing a relationship with plants, and an awareness of their personalities, is a lovely way of using plant medicine to support yourself, your children & friends, pets or home environment.   Plant energy is also a powerful tool which can be easily applied by therapists in energy healing work.

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  Body Metaphysical: Basic Anatomy & Body Communication - Understand the Message in Body Symptoms

Each body symptom, whether from illness or injury, has a story to tell you about yourself and your life. It may be a sign-post saying ‘wrong-way-go-back’ (before something worse develops) or it may be a clue to an attitude, behaviour or life situation which needs healing or improvement.   By recognising the messages your body is sending, you can improve your physical health and be empowered to change your inner & outer experience to improve your whole quality of life.
This course gives you a holistic perspective and empowers you to better understand yourself, your health issues, and what you need for complete healing.   While learning the basic anatomy & physiology of body tissues, organs, systems and their functions, you will also learn how these physical areas relate to mental & emotional experiences, and how to interpret body symptoms and illness patterns in this context.   Practical theory is combined with intuitive ‘body-communication’ activities to discover the messages your body is giving you. You will learn how to explore the meaning of body symptoms, and how to provide holistic support which addresses the deeper ‘story’ of an issue as well as its superficial symptoms.
Once you understand how to read symptoms and make the connection with attitudes, behaviours and life circumstances, you’ll see that body communication is surprisingly logical, and mostly a matter of shifting your perspective.   You can use this knowledge to improve your own health & quality of life, or to support your loved ones and pets by better understanding what they need to be well.

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  Soul Growth Journey: A Voyage of Self-Discovery through the Chakra System

A transformational, enlightening experience of healing and personal growth, over 9 monthly sessions, birthing a new you with a more balanced and empowered approach to life.
Within a framework of self-discovery through the chakra system, this series provides training in energy field (aura) anatomy, chakra healing techniques, and intuitive processes for inner exploration.
Identify and heal imbalances in your chakra-process to release limiting patterns and clear energy blocks which are creating physical, mental & emotional problems in your life, or preventing you from living in integrity with your inner truth.
As this journey progresses, you have an opportunity to become more present and self-aware, and take charge of your life experiences; improve your relationship boundaries and dynamics; develop greater self-esteem, self-respect and confidence; open your heart further for both giving and receiving; strengthen personal will and intention for more purposeful living; open to your creative power and intuition; and connect with your deeper spiritual truth & Divine will.
Healing & change can be exciting and uplifting. It need not be serious hard work.
This is a journey of light-hearted self-exploration, allowing healing shifts to occur naturally, through ‘light-bulb’ moments and new perspectives, and through a supportive environment of shared purpose.

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  Inner Alchemy: Medicine Bag - Create a Personal ‘Good Vibrations’ Kit

Medicine Bag is the term used for a collection of personally meaningful items (or totems) which carry empowering energy patterns (or ‘medicine’) to support a purpose.
Just as a crystal or flower essence carries specific vibrations which can be applied for healing or other kinds of support, so medicine bag totems provide energetic support according to their vibrational intentions & meaning for you.
Over this easy creative & intuitive day you will create a medicine bag for your chosen purpose, and dedicate various totems with specific energies to provide supportive medicine for that.   You’ll have the opportunity to decorate and personalize your bag (or other container) in a short craft session, and then you will consecrate it (cleanse, bless & dedicate to purpose). This will be followed by a range of activities for exploring & focusing totem medicine, including programming methods, intuitive techniques, guided meditation to receive totem gifts; and adding specific types of energies, such as crystal, flower, spirit guide, etc.
As we progress through the activities, you will learn about medicine bag support, how to apply it to your purpose, and how you can add new totems in the future.

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  Energetic Integrity: Aura & Relationship Boundary Management

Stand in your power, be more grounded & centred, and live in integrity with your own inner truth and purpose from day to day.   Learn how to reduce the energetic influence of challenging environments & people, so you can ‘be in charge’ or your own experience.
This one-day course explores your mental-emotional & energetic interactions with the world around you, and how to manage your boundaries with others.   Learn supportive techniques for energy-awareness, grounding, asserting your boundaries, energy protection, and clearing invasive energies from your field or environment.
This issue is relevant to everyone, but is particularly important for those who are over-sensitive to the energy of others, for anyone whose regular occupation involves caring for others, and for people involved in energy work (where clear energetic boundaries are a must).

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  Energetic Integrity: Sacred Space - Manage the Energy of your Home

A healthy house is alive with dynamic energy flow and vitality.   It supports your ability to maintain a positive head-space and functional aura from day to day, and provides subtle support for your future ‘becoming’ and the fulfilment of your desires.   Learn how to turn your home, or any other environment, into a ‘sacred space’ which protects your wellbeing and nourishes your life.
This course teaches you to manage the energetic integrity of a house or other space, such as a healing centre, classroom, work-space, caravan, car or garden.   Learn about different types of physical and energetic influences, like light, objects & décor, stagnant energy flow, EMF’s, geopathic zones, and charged experiences.   Learn how to identify imbalances and clear undesirable energies.   Discover how you can change the energetic ‘shape’ of a space, with colour & décor, furniture placement, intention and blessing, so that it is positively supports your health, your interactions with others, and the experiences you wish to create.

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  One-to-One Training / Instruction Session

This is an opportunity for you to tailor a lesson specifically to your own needs, and receive one-to-one training in the techniques or topics which interest you. Any of the information I share in my courses, articles or e-books, can be explored further in a personal instruction session.
You may not wish to do a full course, but only to explore one particular area. There may also be something I use in my healing work, which interests you, but isn’t covered in one of the courses.
Basically, whatever I know, I’m happy to teach you.

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